CoD MW3 November 17 Update Patch Notes Decrease Tac Sprint Refresh

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CoD MW3 November 17 Update Patch Notes Decrease Tac Sprint Refresh

CoD MW3 November 17 Patch Notes finally address the Tac Sprint delay, and introduce changes to armory unlocks.

The preseason patch for CoD Modern Warfare 3 also corrects numerous gameplay issues with weapons, and works on improving the game's overall quality of life.

The movement in the game should feel much better as Activision and Sledgehammer have finally listened to the community and reduced the post sliding tac sprint refresh delay.

CoD MW3 November 17 Update Patch Notes

Sprint delay after sliding has been drastically reduced by 53 percent. The refresh time for a tack sprint has also been decreased so that it matches the Infantry Vest/Running Sneakers.

“At Launch, we introduced a delay after sliding to the Tac Sprint refresh time. A review prompted by Player feedback determined that the previous delay was too aggressive. Today’s updates aim to improve movement fluidity without making slide and Tac Sprint repetition the only viable choice for Players.” revealed Sledgehammer Games, through the blog post.

Some players had discovered an exploit with the Remote Turret killstreak that allowed them to become invisible. However, the latest patch notes addresses this issie by disabling it entirely as the developers look for ways to fix this exploit. “It will be re-enabled for use once we’ve deemed it is safe” read the blog post.

To unlock gear in the armory, fans had to earlier complete a list of time-consuming challenges, and that turned out to be frustrating for the player base. The update fixes that, allowing players to progress in Armory Unlocks without first completing Daily Challenges..

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The latest update enables players to preview the Weapon Camos and Aftermarket Parts earned via Weekly Challenges. CoD Fans should now also be able to view the base Weapon for Aftermarket Part Rewards in Weekly Challenges.

Zombie Dogs in a screengrab from Call Of Duty MW3
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Players can no longer farm zombies via exfil repeatedly as the latest hotfix puts a two minute timer on exfil activations. Also, player should expect lesser zombies to spawn near the exfil site. The fix on zombies aims to improve overall game stability as the amount of Exfil activation increased load on CoD servers, causing them to crash. Sledgehammer also closes two exploits that permitted players to duplicate their weapons and scorestreaks.

The update should now be live for players across platforms as of Friday, November 17/

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