COD: Modern Warfare leads Gamestop Preorders After E3

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COD: Modern Warfare leads Gamestop Preorders After E3

After a few down years for Call of Duty, Infinity Ward’s return to the Modern Warfare franchise has people excited.

Modern Warfare is Back

Gaming retailer Gamestop has released a top 10 list of most preordered games after E3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare tops the list. Infinity Ward’s return to the franchise clearly has gamers excited. While the press release lacks actual preorder numbers, it is a good indication of how the general gaming populace views certain titles.



Interestingly, fans still don’t know much about the upcoming Modern Warfare title, set to release in October according to Gamestop’s press release. So far, Call of Duty fans only have two screenshots and a short campaign trailer to go off of. That said, many streamers, Youtubers and attendees were able to take a look at a demo that was available on the show floor at E3, and the early feedback was positive. Regardless, Gamestop's preorder numbers give us a hint to how Modern Warfare's preorder numbers might look on other physical and digital retailers.

Can Modern Warfare Jumpstart Call of Duty?

It looks like Modern Warfare is set to continue the trend that Black Ops 4 set last year when it sold over $500 million USD on launch weekend. The game also broke digital sales records when it released in Fall of 2018.


According to Statista, Black Ops 4 still has a long way to go if it’s going to beat Modern Warfare 3. The final game in the original Modern Warfare trilogy has sold over 30.71 million copies since its release in 2011. Compare that to Black Ops 4, which has only sold 14.3 million copies.

Another consideration is whether Activision will use Modern Warfare as the launch title for their Call of Duty franchised league, set to start at the beginning of 2020.

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