COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Missions Listed

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COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Missions Listed

The launch of COD Modern Warfare 3 is getting closer and many are wondering how many and what COD Modern Warfare 3 campaign missions will need to be completed to complete the game. In this article, we will therefore provide you with a complete list of all the missions in the game, together with their rewards, so that you know what you are going to encounter.

MW3 mission list

COD Modern Warfare 3 includes 15 missions regarding its campaign. These are missions that, as usual, are varied and will allow you to implement different game strategies so that you can complete them as you prefer. Furthermore, they will be set on different continents and will allow us to see the point of view of different characters. Another important thing is that almost all the missions will give you the possibility of having rewards that will certainly come in handy. Below are the COD Modern Warfare 3 campaign missions:

  • Operation 627 (breather calling card)
  • Precious Cargo (30 mins double player XP token and 30 mins double weapon XP token)
  • Reactor (corso operator)
  • Payload (ghillie guy calling card)
  • Deep Cover (30-minute XP token and 30-minute weapon XP token)
  • Passenger
  • Crash Site (pathfinder operator)
  • Flashpoint (toxic drip calling card)
  • Oligarch (1 house double player Xp token and 1 hour double weapon XP token)
  • Highrise (doc operator)
  • Frozen Tundra (skull rhapsody calling card)
  • Gora Dam (1 hour double player XP token and 1 hour double weapon XP token)
  • Danger Close (jabber operator)
  • Trojan Horse (soapy emblem and brogue weapon blueprint)
  • Countdown

cod modern warfare campaign missions

COD Modern Warfare 3 campaign length

The COD Modern Warfare 3 campaign is certainly not long. It will take you more or less 5-7 hours to finish; a lot also depends on what difficulty you decide to play it on. Obviously, the more you raise the difficulty, the more difficult it will be, so it may take you longer to reach the end credits, unless you are a real veteran of the genre and the series.

Furthermore, another thing to take into consideration are trophies and achievements. In fact, all those who decide to complete 100% of everything that can be done during the campaign to unlock the relevant trophies and achievements will obviously need more time. For completionists, in fact, it will be necessary to take into consideration the extra hours of play that will be added to those needed to complete the story without dedicating oneself to other activities.

cod modern warfare 3 campaign missions

COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Missions Listed
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