COD: Mobile Season 6 Launches with Once Upon a Time in Rust

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COD: Mobile Season 6 Launches with Once Upon a Time in Rust

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is officially a go.

The latest Season of COD Mobile is out. With the genius title, Once Upon a Time in Rust, the hype around Activision’s latest update will now be tested on Android and iOS.

What We Know

Set in the Wild West, this prospective season features maps, modes, and events that are brand new to the game. With this new season comes a new sheriff… and his name is Ghost. Along with the new sheriff in town are exclusive weapon skins, weapons, an Operator skill, and a Battle Royale class.

There is also another character added to the list, Seraph Tombstone. While there isn’t a lot of information about this new character, she looks a total badass.

Returning Classics

One thing to note is that a Call of Duty classic has returned for this latest installment. The Outlaw, who was last seen way back in Black Ops 4, is joining the list of 12 new unlockables. The game also introduces COD’s in-game currency in the form of player Credits.

Players who would choose to avail unique contents may do so by using their pre-existing Credits. Here are a few of the new credit updates available for COD: Mobile.

  • M4 – Jade
  • PDW – Frontier
  • M21 EBR – Flowing Bronze
  • RUS79U – Reticulated

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 will also be bringing in a new kind of  1-v-1 Duel matchmaking feature, as well as a “Capture the Gold” 1-v-1 Duel gameplay mode. The latter is a Wild West-themed gunfight set in a saloon… so it is nice to see COD branch out creatively even with their mobile titles.

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