CoD Mobile: Season 5 Weapon Tier List

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CoD Mobile: Season 5 Weapon Tier List

Top guns in season 5 to conquer the battlefield.

The Call of Duty: Mobile meta is always changing with patches and adjustments to weapons. There are slight alterations in meta when players mature over time, adjusting to different play styles. Sometimes it is difficult for players to keep track of the weapons, which are doing well in the game. Recently, the snipers in COD Mobile have taken a hit and are not being used much by players following the meta by its book. This is where our tier list comes in to help players pick the top ones from their arsenal. Let’s take a look at the best weapons in Season 5 of COD Mobile.

PP19 Bizon

The Bizon is an easy-to-use gun which just makes it most people’s favorite weapon. It has a friendly recoil pattern and can eliminate enemies quickly. One of the main reasons players like to use the Bizon is its insanely long magazine size. The gun is especially good in close quarter combats so don’t expect to hit long range headshots on the go. Bizon is an S-Tier weapon as of now. Granulated Grip Tape, Extended Mag and OWC Laser – Tactical are good with the Bizon.


Although not quite liked by many players, the AS VAL certainly has many things going for it. It has a great rapid fire rate which allows it to perform well in close to medium range. The gun is best with an extended magazine. However, it has a difficult to control recoil pattern which makes long-range shots difficult and is challenging for most players. OWC Laser – Tactical, KM Combat Stock and Rubberized Grip Tape are excellent additions to the AS VAL.


The DR-H, one of the S-Tier assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile

The DR-H has been a top performer since its very inception. Consistent and highly reliable, this gun is a macho looking S-Tier assault rifle. Although it has high recoil, the DR-H offers very high damage, making it a deadly weapon. With good attachments, the DR-H is meant to dominate the matches. Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag and Foregrip are important attachments for the weapon.


The QQ9, a S-tier submachine gun available in Call of Duty Mobile

The QQ9 is a high fire rate S-Tier submachine gun, which is popular in close combat situations. Not only does it finish enemy players quickly, the QQ9 deals incredible amounts of damage and offers more than satisfactory mobility and accuracy. However, players need to choose attachments carefully to increase its magazine size and reduce the need for reloads. Red Dot Sight, Quickdraw magazines and Foregrip are some must-have things with this weapon.

Holger 26

The Holger 26 is a relatively new gun which makes this list because it feels similar to an assault rifle even after being a lightweight machine gun. It has low damage, but it compensates that with insane accuracy and mobility. Being a LMG, Holger 26 works well at long range distances. Red Dot Sight 5, QWC Laser – Tactical, Tactical Foregrip A and Granulated Grip Tape are some necessary additions to Holger’s loadout.

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