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COD Mobile Season 4: How to get Kali Sticks for free

How to get Kali Sticks
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COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs got released, with it comes new content to unlock. In this article, we'll show you how to get the Kali Sticks for free.

These rewards include new weapons, operators, operator skills, and more. To kick off the new season, a new Seasonal Challenge called Flank and Shank has commenced. Seasonal challenges run throughout the season and allow players to get free rewards by completing certain in-game tasks.

Players can find the seasonal event challenges in the “Events” section. Upon completing the seasonal challenge, players will be rewarded with Kali Sticks (new weapon), Mil-Sim – Crash Down operator, Cordite – Crash Down, and many more rewards.

How to get Kali Sticks in COD Mobile

How to get Kali Sticks in CODM

To complete the missions, players must play in the Multiplayer Mode. Here is the list of all the tasks along with all the rewards:

  • Throw five flashbang grenades in MP Matches. (Reward – x200 Credits and x1000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Use the UAV Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches. (Reward – Concussion Grenade – Earthen and x1000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Earn 1000 Scorestreak Points in MP Matches. (Reward – RPD – Earthen and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Kill five enemies with any melee weapon in MP Matches. (Reward – ‘Sup Spray and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Kill ten enemies with the Shadow Blade Operator Skill in MP Matches. (Reward – Cordite – Crash Down and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Earn the backstabber medal twice in MP Matches. (Reward – Kali Sticks and x3000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Kill 15 enemies with any kali sticks in MP Matches. (Reward – Mil-Sim – Crash Down and x3000 Battle Pass XP)
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As mentioned earlier, the Flank and Shank is a seasonal challenge; therefore, it will be available till the end of COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs.

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