COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass: Price, Tier Rewards, and More

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COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass: Price, Tier Rewards, and More

COD Mobile Season 4 has officially started and has introduced loads of new updates and features. The new update also featured long-awaited weapon balance changes to the game.

Like every new season, this COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs comes with a seasonal rank reset, new weapons, operators, and a new battle pass. The new battle pass includes a new contact grenade, along with a new Koshka Sniper Rifle.

The battle pass rewards can be obtained by completing the daily and seasonal in-game challenges to earn battle pass XP. These battle pass XP will help to unlock each tier with different rewards. Here are the complete details about the new COD Mobile Wild Dogs Battle Pass.

COD Mobile Wild Dogs Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Cost

As mentioned earlier, to unlock rewards players need to complete in-game challenges to earn battle XP. The COD Mobile Season Battle Pass offers two different reward tiers – Free Tier Battle Pass and Premium Tier Battle Pass (Paid). This allows players even to earn rewards and add them to their inventory. The Season 4 battle pass includes a total of 50 Tier rewards. And if you are more interested in premium rewards, you can buy the COD Mobile Season 4 battle pass and unlock the premium rewards for 220 CP, or buy the battle pass bundle for 520 CP. If you buy the battle pass bundle, you will be getting five additional rewards.

Here is the list of all the Battle Pass rewards:

Free Reward Tiers

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Rewards

  • 1: Frag Grenade – Green Rust
  • 4:  Clown – Green Rust
  • 8: Shicom – Sand Tracks
  • 14: Contact Grenade
  • 16: Molotov – Green Rust
  • 21; Koshka
  • 26: AK117 -Sand Tracks
  • 28: XPR 50 – Sand Tracks
  • 36: Smoke Grenade – Green Rust
  • 38: J358 – Sand Tracks
  • 46: Cobra Head
  • 50: Snowboard – Green Rust

Premium Reward Tiers

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Premium Rewards

  • 1: AS VAL – Heat Shield, Ghost – Apparition, Weather the Storm, Arid Artillery
  • 5: Cluster Grenade – Oasis
  • 6: Muscle Car – Oasis
  • 9: Sandpike
  • 10: Swordfish – Arid Shroud
  • 12: Roach
  • 15: Wingsuit – Oasis
  • 19: LK24 – Oasis
  • 20: Trap Master – Oasis
  • 30: Roze – Sand Dune
  • 35: XQR – Sandpike
  • 39: Rytec AMR – Oasis
  • 40: Holger 26 – Serpentine Sands
  • 44: Axe – Oasis
  • 45: Parachute – Oasis
  • 47: Backpack – Rig Satchel
  • 48: Tank – Oasis
  • 50: Farah – Desert Sentinel, Koshka – Skiff Shot, Desperado – Oasis, Thumper – Oasis.
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