COD Mobile Season 3: How to get Snoop Dogg

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COD Mobile Season 3: How to get Snoop Dogg

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 is officially out and the new update brings in loads of new content, events, maps and more. While the new Season 3 was announced, Activision also let fans know that Snoop Dogg, an iconic American rapper, will be making his way to the CODM.

This is not the first time Snoop Dogg is making his way to the Call of Duty series, earlier Snoop Dogg had a voice pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Since the announcement, players are excited about how Snoop Dogg be integrated into the game. Snoop Dogg will be available as decked out in a 24K gold embroidered outfit operator along with his own gun skin for the SMG RUS-79U—Equalizer with a unique concert-style death effect.

How to get Snoop Dogg in COD Mobile Season 3

Snoop Dogg CODM
Snoop Dogg's operator coming in COD Mobile Season 3

Snoop Dogg's operator will be available from April 1st, 2022. The operator will be available through a special lucky draw in the game. Players need to spend CoD points in order to get the operator. In the Lucky Draw, the operator skin will have the lowest chance to drop. The weapon blueprint for the SMG RUS-79U – Equalizer is also included in the lucky draw itself.

If you're lucky enough, you might get Snoop Dogg on your first spin. Also, keep in mind that with every spin, the cost of drawing a spin will also increase. However, once you receive a reward, that reward will be removed from the draw. This guarantees that you will be getting the SMG RUS-79U – Equalizer weapon blueprint and the Snoop Dogg operator skin. But the total CoD points used will be based on your luck. The complete reward list will be available once the lucky draw starts.

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