COD Mobile Season 2: How to get DR-H Long Bite for Free

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COD Mobile Season 2:  How to get DR-H Long Bite for Free

Here's exactly how you can get the DR-H Long Bite for free in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Activision recently released COD Mobile Season 2: Task Force 141, and to celebrate the new season, a set of new rewards has been introduced, including new weapons, operator skills, weapons skins, and more. To start the new season, Activision announced a new seasonal challenge called the Test of Mettle; you can find the Seasonal event challenges in the “Events” section. Upon completing the event tasks, players will be rewarded with a DR-H Long Bite, Winged Smoke – Knife, Winged Smoke – MW11, and Energetic Frame.

How to get DR-H Long Bite

CODM Test of Mettle Seasonal Challenege
Complete all the given tasks to get free rewards

To complete the missions, players must play in the Multiplayer Ranked Mode. Here is the list of all the tasks along with all the rewards:

  1. Play Five MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – x200 Credits and x1000 Battle Pass XP)
  2. Kill 20 Enemies with any Assualt Rifle equipped with the Persistence Perk in MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – x1 Winged Smoke – Knife and x1000 Battle Pass XP).
  3. Kill 20 Enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – Winged Smoke – MW11 and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  4. Kill 25 Enemies with Sentry Gun in MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – x10 Weapon XP Cards and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  5. Earn the Crackdown Medal 15 times in MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – Energetic Frame and x2000 Battle Pass XP)
  6. Win Three MP Ranked Matches. (Reward – DR-H Long Bite and x3000 Battle Pass XP)

As mentioned earlier, the Test of Mettle is a seasonal challenge; therefore, it will be available till the end of COD Mobile Season 2: Task Force 141.

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