CoD: League Play Reportedly Coming To Black Ops Cold War In Season 2

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CoD: League Play Reportedly Coming To Black Ops Cold War In Season 2

A well-known Call of Duty leaker has revealed that League Play could be coming to the game shortly

League Play has been a topic hot on the tongues of competitive Call of Duty fans since the release of Black Ops Cold War. While the Skill Based Matchmaking we see in public matches could be seen as good enough of a ranked mode for some, many players wish for a true competitive mode to enter the game.

As a feature first introduced in Black Ops 2, League Play allows you to go up against players of an equal skill level, earning and losing points for each win or defeat. The League Play mode featured a set of ranks, all within a points bracket. This allowed players to boast their rank within the competitive mode and get a sense of what it's like to compete for real.

Well trusted Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson, or previously known as YouTuber Long Sensation, revealed that League Play is “scheduled for this quarter, so between now and March.”

With Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War set to arrive in mid-February, this time frame would line up with the rumored start of the Call of Duty League season. Along with this, Black Ops 4’s Ranked mode was also released around this time, which gives us even more confidence in this possible release date.

While Activision or Treyarch are yet to confirm the arrival of League Play, plenty of leaks are starting to line up, and we could see it coming to the game soon.

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