COD League Home Series Still Set for Los Angeles Despite Coronavirus Conditions

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COD League Home Series Still Set for Los Angeles Despite Coronavirus Conditions

Coronavirus fears are sweeping the world, but aren't stopping the Call of Duty League this weekend.

Out of all the technical issues that the Call of Duty League has been having lately, who would have guessed that a globe-expanding disease would become its next problem.

Health Regulations

The esports world is flooded with Coronavirus reports. Most recently, TwitchCon Amersterdam and the Rocket League World Championships were canceled due to the outbreak. There are reports from heavily-affected Asian countries to newly developing American outbreaks alike. While these COVID-19 issues continue to climb, the Los Angeles Call of Duty League series will continue on the 7th and 8th of this weekend. This is despite LA being one of the fifty states in the United State to have reported more than one case.

However, an official press release has been put forward for this weekend, directly from the League News staff:

“The health and wellbeing of fans, players, staff, and all other stakeholders and personnel connected to our League and events is paramount to Activision Blizzard Esports and the Call of Duty League. Based on a comprehensive review of all available guidelines, this weekend’s L.A. Home Series will continue as planned.

To ensure the best and safest possible experience for all attendees, the following measures have been taken at the event venue, including but not limited to: Comprehensive cleaning of the venue and player areas and equipment each day, before and after use, onsite medical professionals including a physician and nurse, well-stocked hand washing supplies in all restrooms, increased access to hand sanitizer, cancellation of meet-and-greets, team walkouts, and autograph signings with players.”

Proper Care and Treatment

So while there is slight panic for this weekend, fans should be happy to know that the staff on hand at the event have everything covered. The report went to say more, detailing other safety rules and regulations that would be put into effect immediately:

“To further familiarize yourself with the CDC’s guidance for general COVID-19 / Coronavirus precautions, please visit:

As with any illness, and following guidance from qualified healthcare professionals, if you feel unwell, it’s best to stay home – for your own safety, and the safety of others.”

If you are still looking to attend the event, tickets are getting very slim. Make sure to buy your pass before they sell out quick!

What To Expect On Gameday

There are four scheduled matches for the weekend, not including the unknown to-be-determined events. The first showcases the Atlanta FaZe taking on the Florida Mutineers. Next, the Minnesota Rokkr will battle against the Seattle Surge. Thirdly, the Dallas Empire will play versus the New York Subliners. Finally, the Los Angeles Guerillas will face off against fellow hometown team OPTIC GAMING Los Angeles.

There is no doubt here over at ESTNN that this weekend will be a series to remember. The Call of Duty League teams are finally starting to find their technical footing… so let’s just hope everything runs smoothly (and healthy) over the next two days.

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