Call of Duty League Announces $1 Million Prize Pool for Amateur Tournaments

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Call of Duty League Announces $1 Million Prize Pool for Amateur Tournaments

Activision is bolstering its amateur scene with the addition of new tournaments and a $1 million prize pool.

The Call of Duty League has started off the 2020 season with a terrific amount of success. Besides a few bugs and live stream issues, things are looking great for COD esports. In a recent announcement, the COD League laid out its plan for the very first season of Call of Duty Challengers. This an amateur series for fans and players alike… and a $1 million prize pool.

There will be multiple tournaments scattered across this Call of Duty season, including the COD League and special “Challengers-only” events. This is an attempt by Activision to give its amateur Call of Duty players even more incentive to play. It also gives players a better chance of making a feasible living from the esport.

Call of Duty Challengers

The roadmap itself features over three major Challengers events. Details about the smaller $2k tournaments on weekends as well as information about each CDL/Challengers-only event are also included on the roadmap.

The 2k tournaments, CDL weekend events, and the Launch Weekend prize pool were common knowledge between critics and fans alike. But these new announcements of a big mid-season event, huge stacks of prize money, and the tournament on Championship Weekend were a completely welcome addition to the COD community.

At one point this summer, players will have a $250,000 prize pool and 25,000 points to battle over. These were the exact same stipulations available at the CDL Launch Weekend event in Minnesota.

The COD League will also host a grandiose $500,000 Challengers tournament over the summer. It will be during the scheduled Championship weekend, where pro teams will also be battling it out for more than $6 million in prize pool cash.

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