Charlie Cater
Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater has been an esports writer since May 2020, specialising in Call of Duty. He is also a University Student studying esports.

COD: Jukeyz, Fifakill & WarsZ Win World Series Of Warzone EU Trios

The World Series of Warzone logo appears above the words " Champs" and the names "Jukeyz, Itzwarsz, FifakillVizuals and Recent. Alongside a picture of Jukeyz and two team logos.

The EU Champions rise once again.

The EU World Series of Warzone event went just as everyone expected, with Jukeyz, Fifakill and WarsZ coming out on top as the best trio. Undoubtedly the best players in Europe, and possibly in the world, Jukeyz, Fifakill and WarsZ have been playing together for months and all their practice proved to be beneficial tonight.

After six matches, Team Jukeyz put up a massive 148 points, winning the tournament by 22. This incredible lead meant that Team Jukeyz would’ve won the tournament without even playing the last match, given they only scored 16 points in game six.

With Jukeyz, Fifakill and WarsZ proving themselves as the best team in Europe by far, all eyes look to the future of a possible international WSOW event. While it would have to be a LAN event, making it extremely difficult to set up, it would without a doubt be one of the biggest and best esports events ever.

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