CoD: Huke Benched by LA Thieves; TJHaLy Returns

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CoD: Huke Benched by LA Thieves; TJHaLy Returns

Huke is benched by the Thieves heading into Stage 4.

The Call of Duty League community was shocked to its core when Dallas Empire announced the benching of Cuyler “Huke” Garland. A possible MVP candidate in Stage 1, Huke had dominated Cold War in the early parts of the season. While his performances dropped off, he was by no means dragging the team down. Still, Empire felt a change was needed.

LA Thieves swooped in, signing Huke just 11 days after his announced benching. This fast-thinking from the Thieves saw Huke replace Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly on their roster, a move that has only lasted one stage.

TJ Returns

Heading into Stage 4, TJHaLy will reclaim his starting roster spot. While Huke will return to the bench on his new squad. Coach JKap explained how they “haven't been seeing the same level of consistency as a team” with Huke, and while it was a tough call to bring TJHaLy back in they’re looking to improve on where they left off with him.

LA Thieves looked like one of the best teams in the game before bringing in Huke. This may be a situation of, right player, wrong time. Whatever the case, fans will be disappointed to see Huke return to the bench, but excited to see what TJ can do.

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