CoD: How to Watch NYSL $100K WarzoneMania Tournament

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CoD: How to Watch NYSL $100K WarzoneMania Tournament

The Subliners are back with another $100K WarzoneMania, here’s everything you need to know.

Call of Duty Warzone tournaments have been some of the best entertainment of the past year, and they’ve brought some great action. With many Call of Duty League teams hosting their own events, the New York Subliners have been at the forefront of Warzone action. Their second $100K WarzoneMania tournament kicks off tonight, so here’s all the info you need ahead of the event.


WarzoneMania will feature a quads kill race format. This will see the drafted teams play for 5 hours, with their top 5 matches counting towards their score. The top 8 teams from day one will advance to day 2, where the same format is played once again.


  • IceManIsaac, QueenShadowsm, Bbreadman, Exzachtt
  • Destroy, AngelAT, Clutchbelk, DougisRaw
  • EmZ, Fifakill, Smitty, WarsZ
  • Kalei, Pieman, UnRationaL, BobbyPoff
  • Angelika, Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone
  • Swagg, SenseiSwishem, Booya, Rallied
  • HusKerrs, P90Princess, JoeWo, Deleo
  • Aydan, Dani, ScummN, Karma
  • Jukeyz, FiveByFive, MuTeX, Metaphor
  • TeeP, HollyLive, Blazt, Vikkstar
  • ZLaner, BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, ShadedStep
  • Smixie, Almond, Newbz, LEGIQN

Schedule and How to Watch

New York Subliners $100K WarzoneMania kicks off at 4PM ET on both June 7 and 8. The event will last for five hours each day, and can be watched on the Subliners Twitch Channel, or your favorite competitor will also stream their POV.

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