CoD: How to Watch $100K Baka Bros WonderLAN Warzone Tournament

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CoD: How to Watch $100K Baka Bros WonderLAN Warzone Tournament

The biggest trio in Warzone are bringing the best in the game to Vegas for Warzone’s first LAN event.

The Baka Bros, consisting of Diaz Biffle, Lucky Chamu and Repullze are three of the biggest names in Warzone. Their brilliant sense of humour combined with their excellence for the game has seen them top the charts of Twitch, and numerous Warzone tournaments.

Today, they hold Warzone’s first LAN event, the Baka Bros WonderLAN. Here’s everything you need to know.


The Baka Bros WonderLAN will be played in a Mini Royale private lobby on LAN, seeing 15 duos go up against each other for cold hard cash. It’s not confirmed how many matches will be played, however being Mini Royale we expect to see around 10 games.


  • Tommey & Almond
  • HusKerrs & Newbz
  • Crowder & Nico
  • Biffle & SuperEvan
  • Destroy & ZLaner
  • IceManIsaac & WarsZ
  • Swagg & Booya
  • UnRational & 2pac
  • JaredFPS & JDevise
  • Santana & JSmooth
  • JoeWo & Breadman
  • Swishem & Intechs
  • Aydan & Fifakill
  • BobbyPoff & Dillster
  • Max Holloway & Honokai

Schedule & How to Watch

The Baka Bros WonderLAN kicks off at 3pm ET tonight, December 17th. You can watch the event on Cash App’s Twitch Channel, however it is unclear whether individual players will be able to stream their POV.

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