CoD: How To Unlock Gold, Diamond And Dark Matter Camos In Black Ops Cold War

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CoD: How To Unlock Gold, Diamond And Dark Matter Camos In Black Ops Cold War

With each Call of Duty comes another set of mastery camos to grind, and this year is no different with the return of Dark Matter.

Every year players get to see a new set of mastery camos available to unlock. While they are usually the best-looking camos in the game, this comes at a price. Mastery camos take an incredible grind to achieve. Every year we see Gold and then two more. Last year in Modern Warfare we had Platinum and Damascus, however, in Black Ops Cold War they have returned to the much-loved Diamond and Dark Matter Ultra. Here’s how to achieve each one.

Gold, Diamond and Dark Matter Ultra Unlock Requirements

Gold camo is unlocked by completing all 35 of the base camos for a weapon. These include challenges such as Kills, Headshots, Double Kills and Bloodthirstys with each challenge requiring a set amount before that section is completed. Your weapon must also be max rank (50) as this will unlock all camo challenges. Completing all 35 challenges will unlock the Gold camo for that weapon.

Diamond camo is then unlocked by achieving gold camo for all weapons in a class. This will then make Diamond camos available on all weapons in that class, allowing you to show off your mastery of the Submachine Guns for example.

Finally, Dark Matter Ultra is unlocked by unlocking Diamond camo for every weapon in the game. This is an unbelievable grind and only a few players actually complete it every year. However, the reward is worth it, unlocking an animated camo that can be used on all weapons.

An MP5 is showcased with the Dark Matter camo in the Black Ops Cold War gunsmith setting page

It is worth noting that while there are none in the game as of writing, DLC weapons are not included in Diamond and Dark Matter challenges. This means that to get Diamond and Dark Matter, you do not need to unlock gold on the DLC weapons, however, if you wish to use it on the DLC weapons then you will need to complete the Gold challenge.

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