CoD: How To Unlock All Operators In Black Ops Cold War

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CoD: How To Unlock All Operators In Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War brings and a new set of Operators separated by two factions, NATO and Warsaw Pact, here’s how to unlock them all.

In Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has introduced 13 new Operators for players to use in Multiplayer. Woods is the only returning Operator, while characters such as Adler will be coming from the Campaign story and are usable in Multiplayer. To unlock all Operators, you’ll have to play all parts of Black Ops Cold War including the Champaign, Zombies, and new mode Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. Here’s how to unlock every Operator, starting with the NATO faction.


  • Hunter: Unlocked by default
  • Song: Unlocked by default
  • Adler: In MP, get 10 kills with Scorestreaks.
  • Park: In Zombies, successfully exfil three times.
  • Sims: In MP, Destroy 10 enemy vehicles or scorestreaks.
  • Baker: In MP, get 100 eliminations with a Sniper Rifle.
  • Woods: In MP, Get five kills without dying 15 times.

Warsaw Pact

  • Vargas: Unlocked by default
  • Powers: Unlocked by default
  • Portnova: In MP, kill 50 enemies revealed by scorestreaks or Field Upgrades.
  • Beck: In Zombies, get 200 eliminations using Pack-A-Punched weapons.
  • Garcia: In Fireteam Dirty Bomb, detonate or help your team detonate five Dirty Bombs.
  • Stone: In MP, perform 15 finishing movies.

Once unlocked, all Operators can be used within Multiplayer and Warzone due to the new unified progression system and content integration between the games. More Operators will be added during each season, with Season One starting on December 10.

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