CoD: How To Claim Free Bundles In Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

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CoD: How To Claim Free Bundles In Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

As a gift to pass the time until Season One, Treyarch are offering two free bundles for players to claim.

Season One of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches on December 16. The original release date was December 10, however, a short delay has left many fans with not much more to do until next season. Treyarch is giving away two free bundles to all players as a gift to pass the time, and say sorry for the delay.

How to Claim Free Bundles

Black Ops Cold War players can claim the Field Research and Certified bundles for free just by loading up the game. That's it. Just load up Black Ops Cold War before December 16 and you’ll be able to claim both free bundles to use in BOCW and Warzone.

  • Field Research Bundle
    • Epic Park “Scorch” Operator skin
    • Epic Milano “Excavator” blueprint
    • Epic reticle
    • Epic Calling Card
    • Rare “Collectible Tin” Weapon Charm
  • Certified Bundle
    • Epic Garcia “Barrio” Operator skin
    • Rare FFAR “Ground Control” blueprint
    • Epic reticle
    • Epic “Can of Concealment” Weapon Charm

These free bundles are for the operators Park and Garcia. This means that both characters will be unlocked without the need to do any challenges. However, if you wish to use their classic skins, you’ll still have to complete the challenge. To unlock Park, you must exfil from Zombies three times. To unlock Garcia, you must detonate five Dirty Bombs in Fireteam.

Season One for Black Ops Cold War is just a week away. We are set to receive more information about the coming content over the next week, and there will be a final Double XP event from Dec. 12 all the way until Season One.

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