Charlie Cater
Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2. He hopes to pursue this passion through a university esports degree.

CoD: Fans Return For CDL Stage 5 Major

Fan's pack Arlington’s Esports Stadium at a CDL Major in 2019
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Fans are finally returning to the Call of Duty League.

For the first time in over 400 days, the Call of Duty League returned to LAN play last month with the Stage 4 Major. Held in Arlington’s Esports Stadium, all 12 teams gathered to compete on LAN for the first time this year. However, the event featured no fans, and this was a massive miss for the League.

Today, the Call of Duty League announced the return of fans for the Stage 5 Major; yet again held in Arlington. Thursday, July 29 to Sunday, August 1 will see the final Major of the 2021 Call of Duty League season. Fans will be in attendance for only Saturday and Sunday of the event, meaning that some fans won't get to see their beloved teams play.

This announcement is massive for the CDL and has been received with a lot of excitement by the community. The European community will be hoping all goes well at this LAN and looking for the CDL to come across the pond in 2022.

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