CoD: Decemate Replaces Loony On Seattle Surge’s Starting Roster

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CoD: Decemate Replaces Loony On Seattle Surge’s Starting Roster

Decemate is back in the League, this time with the Surge.

The Seattle Surge have struggled in their first two years of the Call of Duty League. However, this year they’ve looked like a team with major potential that has just struggled to get it to work. This has resulted in a roster change and sees Jacob “Decemate” Cato return to the League.

Decemate is an SMG player who first started his competitive career in the 2018 World War 2 season. In 2020, Decemate joined the LA Guerrillas, while they struggled throughout the season, Decemate was one of their bright sparks alongside Vivid and Blazt, and we all expected to see them stay for 2021. However, Decemate found himself in Challengers, and here he has placed well, winning one Open event, two Cups and the Stage 2 Elite Playoffs.

Decemate will replace Loony on Seattle Surge, as they looked to improve their SMG aggression and bring more points to the squad. With matches against Atlanta FaZe and Florida Mutineers later this week, Seattle will look to be winning at least one of them, if not both.

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