CoD: Decemate Joins New York Subliners For Major 4

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CoD: Decemate Joins New York Subliners For Major 4

Decemate returns to the league, this time on the Subliners.

Earlier in the week Clayster revealed how the New York Subliners may be missing Asim for the Stage 4 Major. Well, that seems to be more and more likely as the Subliners have taken to the market, and signed Decemate ahead of Major 4.

Decemate Joins the Subliners

Jacob “Decemate” Cato will be joining the New York Subliners for the Stage 4 Major. However, this won't be his first time in the CDL this season. Earlier in the year, Decemate joined Seattle Surge. However, his time there was short-lived, as he benched himself in order to return to the amateur scene.

While many fans thought this was a weird decision and could result in teams being hesitant to pick him up in the future. It seems that with NYSL only needing him for a week, they’re prepared to take a chance.

Decemate is an aggressive SMG player who will be replacing Asim on the team. This means that he’ll need to complement HyDra’s playstyle, and attempt to form an SMG partnership in this short space of time.

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