CoD: CDL Kickoff Classic – Day 2 Recap

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CoD: CDL Kickoff Classic – Day 2 Recap

Last night we saw the remaining 6 teams compete in the Kickoff Classic, here are the results.

After the first six teams competed on Saturday, we saw the Kickoff Classic include yesterday with the final six teams battling it out. While there was nothing on the line except bragging rights, it brought some excellent matches.

Paris Legion 3-2 London Royal Ravens

With Zer0 playing from the UK, the London Royal Ravens were expected to struggle in the matchup. However, Zer0 did surprisingly well, putting up the highest Search and Destroy for the Ravens at 1.18.

Map 1 was a show from AquA, putting up a massive 33 kills and a 1.83 K/D going positive 15 kills. This put Paris Legion off to a good start, however, the Royal Ravens quickly responded. In map 2, Skrapz suffered, going 1-8 saw Paris lose 6-3 and the London Royal Ravens evened the series.

The Control was absolute dominance from London, a quick 3-0 put them 2-1 up in the series. This was a clinical display of Control from the Ravens, with Dylan showing his aggressive playstyle on Garrison to top the leaderboard with a 1.33 K/D.

Map 4 went back in the favour of the Legion, with rookie Fire achieving 31 kills. Zer0 struggled in this map finishing 16-32, which may have been a big reason for the defeat. Map 5 was almost all Paris, with the Ravens looking clueless when it came to mid-round situations. Paris took the series 3-2, however, we can't take too much from this, as with Zer0 being in London, the Royal Ravens were at a massive disadvantage from the start.

Minnesota Rokkr 3-2 Toronto Ultra

The Kickoff Classic has allowed us to get our first look at these teams, and gauge where they’re at. Well, last night we learned that the Minnesota Rokkr are clinical in Search and Destroy, and Control.

Map 1 saw Toronto, well, Bance win 250-244. His 37 kills and 1.68 K/D carried the Ultra through Garrison, and onto Moscow with a 1-0 lead. After already impressing in Map 1, MajorManiak continued to perform, going 12-4 with a 3.00 K/D in map 2. This exceptional performance leveled the series 1-1 going into Control.

Minnesota Rokkr took this momentum into Control, where the ex-Subliners showed up. Accuracy and Attach put up 2.82 and 2.43 K/D’s respectively on Control, absolutely dominating Ultra and securing a 3-0 win. Hardpoint however doesn't seem to be Rokkr’s mode, as they suffered another defeat at the hand of Ultra, and Bance with another 30 bomb.

Finally, Minnesota closed it out in a Game Five, Round 11, with the ex-FaZe players, MajorManiak and Priestahh both dropping 12 kills. While Toronto nearly carried out the comeback, Rokkr held on, and the Round 11 defense may have saved them.

OpTic Chicago 3-0 LA Thieves

T2P is back. With OpTic all playing out of Texas, they dominated the LA Thieves in the quickest series of the weekend. Scump and Formal started off hot with 29 and 28 kills respectively to win map one 250-135. OpTic nearly 100-point clubbed the Thieves, but a lucky spawn for Kenny saved them.

Map 2 saw Envoy shine, hitting double-figure kills, averaging one a round. While an unfortunate Trophy System kill saw Slasher removed from round 10, OpTic seemed to be too strong in Search, and their mid-round plays were exceptional. Finally, the Control was a textbook performance from OC.

Seeing OpTic on Raid was a major throwback for many competitive Call of Duty fans, and they didn't disappoint. Envoy started the map going 11-0, and ended up finishing the map 21-12 with a 1.75 K/D. Formal also put on a show with 27 kills to his name. The quick 3-0 made a statement and shows that OpTic is here to win in 2021.

All OpTic Chicago players finished this series with a 1.20 overall K/D or above, absolutely dominating the Thieves, and getting many fans excited for the season ahead.

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