CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Super Week

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CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Super Week

Here’s our updated Power Rankings following the CDL Super Week.

The CDL Super Week brought some incredible action. However, it definitely shook our Power Rankings upa a bit, here they are, updated after the Super Week.

12. London Royal Ravens (-2)

Thomas "Dylan" Henderson fist bumps a fan as he exits the stage after playing a match with the London Royal Ravens

After going 0-5 in the group, we have no choice but to place the London Royal Ravens at the bottom of our Power Rankings. They have shown promise, taking Dallas Empire to a game five and competing against others, but 0 wins doesn't look good ahead of the first Major. The Ravens will have to change something up if they are to beat Toronto in the first round.

11. Seattle Surge (-2)

A close up shot of Sam “Octane” Larew during a live CDL match

11-9th in our Power Rankings is tough. All teams are 1-4 in the group, but Seattle Surge find themselves bottom due to the nature of their results. They narrowly beat London in their first game of the stage, and they have improved dramatically since. Therefore, we think if they played again, London would come out on top.

Gunless and Octane have been dominating, but it comes down to Prestinni once again. If he plays well, the team can fry. If not, it seems like they’re playing a 3v4.

10. Florida Mutineers (-3)

Cesar "Skyz" Bueno walks on stage in his Florida Mutineers jersey

The Florida Mutineers have suffered in the first group stage, and this may be down to their comms. Their listen-ins have been shaky, and their SnD has suffered possibly due to the same reason. Owakening has dominated as usual, and secured many first bloods, but the team fails to convert. If Florida can convert their man advantages, they’ll be a dangerous team.

9. Toronto Ultra (-3)

A shot of the stage at the Toronto Ultra Launch Party 2019

Toronto Ultra defeated the Florida Mutineers in week one, but went 0-4 in the Super Week. Their defeats to FaZe and OpTic were expected, but their 3-2 defeats to both Paris and the Guerrillas don’t look good for Toronto. Their Hardpoint game went from dominant, to beatable, and they will need to bounce back for the Major.

8. Los Angeles Guerrillas (+3)

The roster of the Los Angeles Guerrillas stand facing the camera, their team logo, a hooded figure with glowing white eyes, appears behind them

The Los Angeles Guerrillas look good coming into the first Major. Their 3-2 victory over Toronto Ultra will give them all the momentum needed to go far. Their Hardpoint has looked good alongside their Search and Destroy. This is fine as long as they can keep winning those map one’s.

7. Paris Legion (+5)

Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall claps as he walks on stage during his time playing with the London Royal Ravens

Paris Legion have completely turned around some fans expectations. Skrapz has been playing exceptionally well, and Paris Legion seems to be a team that could challenge for Top 6. Their narrow defeat to Atlanta FaZe was unfortunate, and they’ll want to take their momentum into the Major and look to impress.

6. Minnesota Rokkr (-1)

Members of the Minnesota Rokkr's roster call to each other during a live game in the CDL

Minnesota Rokkr took down Dallas Empire, and are the only team to do so. Their Search and Destroy looks exceptional, however their 2-5 Hardpoint record is a worry. Coming up against a team such as Atlanta FaZe who are dominant in all three modes may be challenging, and stop them from a change at T4.

5. Los Angeles Thieves (-1)

Austin "Slasher" Liddicoat and Donovan "Temp" Laroda stand in their LA Thieves jerseys either side of the words "Roster Mania"

The Los Angeles Thieves took a dominant 3-0 defeat to Dallas Empire, however tier victories against all other teams in their group looks good. They seem to be a great Search and Destroy team, with their Hardpoint also looking good on the more AR dominant maps. They take on the Guerrillas in an LA derby for round one, and should see themselves up against FaZe in round two.

4. New York Subliners (+4)

James "Clayster" Eubanks at the PC for the Subliners during a live game of Call of Duty

The New York Subliners have impressed with some exceptional gameplay. They won two 3-0’s in a row against London and Minnesota, before being reverse swept by the Dallas Empire. They look great, when Asim is frying, they look unstoppable. He’ll need to show up for the Major.

3. OpTic Chicago


OpTic Chicago haven't looked their best. Their map one’s have been shaky, with the LA Guerrillas talking one off them. However, they have always bounced back and took the series 3-1. This isn’t an issue against the lower down teams, but when it comes to the business end of the Major, they’ll need to be on top form.

2. Dallas Empire

The roster for the Dallas Empire stand facing the camera in their team hoodies. The team logo, a stylized gold crown, appears in the background.

Dallas Empire could be top of the Power Rankings, however their slow start and one defeat to Minnesota Rokkr puts them second. Huke has been incredible and is without a doubt the best player in the game this year. If he can keep performing, Dallas Empire have a great chance at taking the first Major.

1. Atlanta FaZe

Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr concetrates on the game during a live match

Undefeated in their group, Atlanta FaZe look great. While it hasn't been plain sailing, with a close 3-2 win over Paris Legion, FaZe have performed. When Simp turns up, FaZe look almost unbeatable, and he seems to be their win condition at the moment. If Simp can get hot, we can see FaZe taking the Major.

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