CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings after Stage 5 Week 3

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CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings after Stage 5 Week 3

Here’s our updated CDL 2021 Power Rankings.

With the Online era of Call of Duty esports hopefully now over, we look at our final Power Rankings before the return to LAN for the final two events of the season.

12. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-)

Members of the LA Guerrillas, Martin "Cheen" Chino and Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov lean forward in their seats during a team discussion

After being 3-0’d by our 11th place team in Seattle Surge, the LA Guerrillas finish the Stage with an 0-5 record. They were obliterated by the Surge, and the stock of these players will be lower than ever heading into the 2022 season.

11. Seattle Surge (-)

A close up shot of Sam “Octane” Larew during a live CDL match

Seattle Surge remain in 11th due to their poor online performances, even with a 3-0 win over LAG. Moving to LAN, we expect them to perform better, but overall, this has been a season to forget for the Surge.

10. Paris Legion (-)

Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall looks down at his keyboard during a live game of Call of Duty

Paris Legion nearly managed a reverse sweep over European rivals London Royal Ravens, however a 2-3 loss sees them start the Major in Losers Round One. Paris have been inconsistent this year, but they’ll need to be on top form for the Major.

9. London Royal Ravens (-)

Members of the London Royal Ravens walk off stage high-fiving fans after a game

The London Royal Ravens rounded out their Stage 5 with a win over Paris Legion. This win sees them start the Major with a one round bye, giving them a great chance of some cash. While they have not majorly impressed yet, the team seems to be improving with every match, and could make a statement at the Major.

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8. New York Subliners (-)

The name Paco "Hydra" Rusiwiez appears on a greyed out picture of NY City with yellow paint strokes

This new NYSL roster have struggled to impress, however with such a short amount of time to prepare, it’s not unexpected. With a win over Paris, and loss to FaZe, NYSL now have time to prepare before the Major, as they need that final push before Champs.

7. Florida Mutineers (-2)

Cesar "Skyz" Bueno walks on stage in his Florida Mutineers jersey

The Florida Mutineers finished the week 0-2 following defeats to Dallas Empire and Minnesota ROKKR. While they looked much better at the previous LAN event, they seem to have kept that level throughout this Stage, so they’ll need some major improvement once again.

6. LA Thieves (+1)

Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat concentrates during a live game of Call of Duty

The LA Thieves made a statement as they reverse swept OpTic Chicago in their final match of the Stage. After being dominated in Maps 1 & 2, LAT somehow turned the series around and completed the reverse sweep. This gives them great momentum heading into the Major.

5. Minnesota ROKKR (+2)

Dillon "Attach" Price points to a team mate during a live series in the CDL

Minnesota ROKKR secured the 3rd seed for the Major following a 3-2 record in Stage 5. This included a 3-0 victory over the Florida Mutineers, a win that was massive for the team as they have recently struggled to beat teams in and around them in the standings.

4. OpTic Chicago (-1)

Seth "Scump" Abner calls to his team mates through his headset during a live game

OpTic Chicago were set to remain 3rd in our standings until a miraculous reverse sweep by the LA Thieves. OpTic seemed to lose composure after Maps 1 and 2 were so dominant, and this resulted in a loss for the squad. Heading back to LAN, they can't let this happen again.

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3. Toronto Ultra (-1)

The roster for the Toronto Ultra congratulate each other with fist bumps and high fives after winning a match

Toronto Ultra fall out of our top two spots for the first time since the Stage 2 Major following a 1-3 defeat to Dallas Empire. They were dominated in this match, and it could have easily been a 3-0 for the Empire. We expect them to compete on LAN, and possibly make the final, but other teams have definitely caught up to them.

2. Dallas Empire (+2)

Ian "Crimsix" Porter cracks his knuckles ahead of a game of Call of Duty with the Dallas Empire

Dallas Empire move into 2nd place following their victory over Toronto Ultra. Dallas were incredible on LAN at the last Major, and if they can replicate that success, we could see some new Major Champions.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

A close up of McArthur "Cellium" Jovel as he looks at his screen, the rest of the team appear slightly blurred behind him

FaZe remain in our top spot as they continue to dominate the League. At the last Major, they came close to defeat, and they will not want that to happen again. We expect them to battle harder than ever, and be in their top form at Major 5.

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