CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 2 Week 3

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CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 2 Week 3

Here’s our updated Power Rankings for the 2021 CDL Season.

Stage 2 Week 3 saw some shock results, with Atlanta faZe handed their first loss, and LA Thieves continuing to struggle. Here’s how that’s shaken up our Power Rankings.

12. London Royal Ravens (-4)


After flying high in Stage 2 Week 2, it seems the Ravens’ wings were clipped for Week 3. Back to Back 3-0 losses to Toronto Ultra and Atalanta FaZe were dominant, and London looked lost. They’ll need to return to their Week 2 form if they’re to challenge in the Major.

11. Paris Legion (+1)


After a 3-1 victory over the Florida Mutineers, Paris Legion move up one place in our Power Rankings. While they looked improved, Paris still need to work on their consistency, and possibly widen their map pool. However, taking on LA Thieves in Losers Round 1 may be the easiest game they’ll have all season.

10. LA Thieves (-3)

Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat concentrates during a live game of Call of Duty

After their incredible 4-0 start, LA Thieves are 2-7, and 0-6 in maps against rivals LA Guerrillas. The Thieves are in a sorry state right now, with Kenny having to sit out the match due to medical reasons, they’ve been unlucky. However, we know how the Thieves can bounce back, so this could all change in the Major.

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9. Florida Mutineers (-3)

Pro Call of Duty player from the Florida Mutineers Josiah "Slacked" Berry looks forward with a headset on.

Following defeat to Dallas Empire and Paris Legion, Florida Mutineers move down to 9th. While this roster has the quality, they’re inconsistent and something isn't working. A roster change may be needed soon.

8. Toronto Ultra (+1)

The stage before Toronto Ultra enter the stadium showing their team name and logo on the big screens

After taking down the Royal Ravens 3-0, Toronto Ultra move up one place into 8th. They looked dominant against London when Cammy was playing at his very best. This is something that needs to happen more often for Toronto to challenge at the top.

7. Seattle Surge (+4)

Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson sits at the PC ready for a live game in the CDL

Seattle Surge have proved that they can be a consistently good team, and therefore move up to 7th. While they were Reverse Swept by Minnesota Rokkr, Seattle looked great and Prestinni was frying once again. Seeing Prestinni play at his very best is something that fans love to see, and Surge are benefiting.

6. Los Angeles Guerrillas (+4)

The roster of the Los Angeles Guerrillas stand facing the camera, their team logo, a hooded figure with glowing white eyes, appears behind them

The Los Angeles Guerrillas enter the top 6 after their victory over Atlanta FaZe, and 3-0 win against rivals LA Thieves. Silly has been a dominant force in the Guerrillas recent matches, and his dominance has been a major factor in their wins. LAG could be a dark horse team in Major 2.

5. OpTic Chicago (-)

Brandon "Dashy" Otell makes a call through the mic during a live game of the Call of Duty League

OpTic Chicago have bounced back with a 3-0 win over Seattle Surge and 3-2 win over Dallas Empire in Week 3. Dashy made a very big statement, dominating with the Krig, while Scump showed he’s still got it in some incredible clutches. OpTic have momentum now, and could be dangerous in the Major.

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4. Minnesota Rokkr (-)

Pro Call of Duty player Eli "Standy" Bentz is pictured inside a purple box. Beside that is a black background encompassing the rest of the image with the Minnesota Rokkr logo in the corner and the text "Welcome Standy" on the bottom.

Following OpTic’s win over Dallas Empire, Minnesota Rokkr secure first seed for the Major as they look to win it with new signing Standy. He has been a major improvement to the squad, and sees Rokkr currently undefeated with him.

3. New York Subliners (-)

James "Clayster" Eubanks at the PC for the Subliners during a live game of Call of Duty

Their 3-1 win over Toronto Ultra keeps the Subliners in 3rd place. They have been exceptional so far in the 2021 season, and they’ll be looking to improve on their third place finish at the last Major.

2. Dallas Empire (-)

Ian "Crimsix" Porter looks toward a team mate during a live match of the Call of Duty League

While they suffered a 3-2 loss to OpTic Chicago, Dallas Empire are still one of the best teams in the league. Crimsix has been taking matters into his own hands recently, and proving that he is still one of the best. Dallas will need to improve going into the Major, but they look dangerous.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

The roster of the Atlanta Faze stand against a black background in their team jerseys

Atlanta FaZe remain at the top of our Power Rankings, even after their loss to the Guerrillas. While not undefeated anymore, FaZe are 12-1 and look more dominant than ever. Their performance against the Royal Ravens was unbelievable, and LAG may have caused the League a bigger problem than before.

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