CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings after Atlanta Home Series

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CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings after Atlanta Home Series

Here’s our updated power rankings after the first week of action.

The first week of Call of Duty League action provided some insanely close games, along with some incredibly impressive blowouts. Following the first week of games, here’s our updated Power Rankings.

12. Paris Legion (-2)

The roster of Paris Legion stand facing the camera against a black background. The words "2021 Roster" appear below them in large white block letters

While their 3-0 loss to OpTic Chicago was expected, their 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Guerrillas doesn't speak well for the rest of their season. They slipped up in map 1 resulting in a Guerrillas comeback, and while they attempted a reverse sweep they couldn't get past LA in Search and Destroy. This puts Paris at the bottom of the Power Rankings after week one.

11 Los Angeles Guerrillas (-)

The fouir members of the Los Angeles Guerillas stand side by side. The team logo, a hooded face with narrowed white eyes visible, appears in the background

Los Angeles Guerrillas may find themselves similar to Seattle Surge of last season, only able to win points off the bottom team. Yet again, their 3-0 loss to Atlanta FaZe was expected, however their victory against Paris Legion is promising. Their real test comes this week against higher class opponents such as Florida Mutineers.

10. London Royal Ravens (-2)

The London Royal Ravens high-five fans as they walk on stage

The London Royal Ravens were expected by many to defeat a struggling Seattle Surge. However, this didn't go as planned. An 80 point lead in map one was thrown by London, resulting in Seattle taking a 1-0 lead. The Ravens attempted a reverse sweep, however they fell short in game five. Parasite may need time to settle in, but they’ll need to find form soon if they are to make champs.

9. Seattle Surge (+3)

The roster for the Seattle Surge stand facing the camera against a black background. The team's logo, a stylized green trident appears behind them

After Gunless changed his monitor settings to 240hz, he turned into a different man. A 40 bomb in map one against the London Royal Ravens saw him turn into a different player and return to his best. While it wasn't an easy win, this could mean good things for Seattle, and see them take on teams higher up the standings.

8. New York Subliners (+1)

The roster for the New York Subliners stand in front of their team logo, the viewfinder of a submarine scope in yellow and black

While New York lost their only match of the week 3-0 to the LA Thieves, they clearly have potential. This 3-0 was one of the closest we’ve ever seen, and it very easily could've been a 3-0 to New York. When this team gets settled, we could see them challenging at the top.

7. Florida Mutineers (-3)

A close up shot of Josiah "Slacked" Berry of the Florida Mutineers concetrating during a game

While Florida only played one match this week, their 3-1 loss to Toronto Ultra was far from expected. Florida struggled in Hardpoint, while this may be more due to Toronto’s Hardpoint ability rather than a worry for the Mutineers, it will still need to be worked on. This match was not expected, and Florida will be looking to return to form in Week 2.

6. Toronto Ultra (+1)

Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan waves as he enters the stage in his Toronto Ultra hoodie

Toronto Ultra surprised many with their win over the Florida Mutineers. Ultra seems to be in the same place as they were in 2020. A team with dark horse potential, who could provide an upset at any time. While this isn’t bad, they’ll need to be more consistent this year to cement themselves as a top 6 team.

5. Minnesota Rokkr (+1)

The roster for the Minnesota Rokkr stand facing the camera. Their team logo, a stylized purple and black viking helmet, appears behind them

Rokkr’s 3-1 loss to the LA Thieves saw many expect a 0-2 start to the season from them. However, their victory against the Dallas Empire was exceptional, as they did what many expect they had to, steal a respawn. They did just that and won both Search and Destroy games to win the series. Their SnD dominance will be extremely important this season.

4. LA Thieves (+1)

A close up of Thomas "TJHaLy" Haly of the LA Thieves playing in a live match

LA Thieves top the Call of Duty League standings with 3-1 and 3-0 wins to start the season. They seem to be extremely dominant in respawns, with each player going off when needed. When someone had an off map, another player would step up and excel, allowing the Thieves to perform at all times. They’re looking dangerous after the first week, but will need to keep this up.

3. OpTic Chicago (-1)

Brandon "Dashy" O'Tell makes a call to his team mates during a live match

OpTic dominated Paris in a quick 3-0 win, however their second match of the week didn't go as planned. They won just 1 round of Search and Destroy in two matches against Atlanta FaZe, resulting in 6-0 and 6-1 losses. While they may have been relying on their respawn ability to pull them through, they can't do that against the top teams as proven by FaZe.

2. Dallas Empire (-1)

Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro looks toward a team mate at the start of a live game

Dallas were expected to comfortably beat Minnesota, however their SnD game wasn’t on point, and Minnesota took the win. This isn;t a great start to the season for Dallas being 2020 champions, however we expect this to just be one game loss, and for Dallas to return to dominance this week.

1. Atlanta FaZe (+2)

The roster of the Atlanta FaZe congratulate each other after a victory in the CDL. The word "Victory" appears in red and white on the LCD screen above the stage.

Many fans had FaZe at the top of their Power Rankings pre season, and now they're there. Their SnD dominance against OpTic Chicago proved that they have the ability to be the best team in the agem, and their Hardpoint clutch in game four showed the clutch factor they have as a team. aBeZy once again is playing the best COD of his life, and is a player you’ll want to watch this year.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for all the latest action from the CDL!

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