Charlie Cater
Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2. He hopes to pursue this passion through a university esports degree.

CoD: Best AK47 Class Setup For Warzone Season 3

An in-game screen from Call of Duty, in first-person player point of view, showing the AK-47 raised and at the ready
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The AK47 has become some players' new favorite SMG, here's the best loadout.

Season 3 of Warzone has been a breath of fresh air. Pretty much every weapon in the game is viable, and it seems to be extremely balanced. However, the two AR meta is still the best, with many top tier players such as DiazBiffle turning to the AK47 as their close-range weapon of choice.

This AK47 loadout makes the hard-hitting AR extremely versatile and quick, allowing you to play at a fast pace with the dominant gun.

AK47 Class Setup

For the SMG AK47 loadout, you’ll want to use these attachments:

  • Barrel: 15.5” Ultralight
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Ammunition: 45 RND
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

This class setup sacrifices the Suppressor that is featured on almost every single Warzone loadout, making the AK47 extremely loud. However, with how fast it kills, your enemies will only hear you for seconds.

Warzone streamer DiazBiffle has been at the forefront of the AK47 SMG movement, and if you don't believe how good it is, watch this clip.

There you have it. The best AK47 Class Setup for Warzone Season 3. Pair this with the AMAX or another AR of your choice and you’ll be frying.

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