CoD: BabyFaZe, House Tarth & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #1

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CoD: BabyFaZe, House Tarth & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #1

The first Call of Duty Challengers cup winners in NA, EU and APAC have finally been crowned.

This weekend we saw the first Call of Duty Challengers Cup, an amateur Call of Duty League tournament with $2K for the winner. Not only is cash up for grabs, but valuable pro points can also be won, giving you a better seed for future tournaments and sometimes changing the face of a team's season. Here are the three winners, and how they got to win the first event of the season.

North America – BabyFaZe

BabyFaZe consisted of PaulEhx, Zapitus, GRVTY and Venom, last year's Atlanta FaZe academy squad. While they had some close matches throughout the tournament including a 3-2 against the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy, they showed up when required. Winners finals saw them stomp HYXR 3-0, before taking down RevengeTour 3-0 in the Grand Finals. This was an exceptional display from BabyFaZe and sends out a message for the start of the season.

Europe – House Tarth

House Tarth consisted of Defrag, Peatie, Gismo and Afro. The combination of two experienced players mixed with two up and comers seems to really work for this squad, not losing a match until the Grand Finals. Going into the weekend, Bullfrog and Team Singularity were seen as favorites by many. House Tarth took down Bullfrog 3-1 in the Winners Finals, and while they, unfortunately, lost 3-0 to Singularity in the first series of the Grand Finals. They replied with a 3-0 of their own to take home the victory.

APAC – Renegades

It might be a new roster, but Renegades have started the 2021 season as they finished the last. They took home the APAC Challengers Cup without losing a single match in the process. Ex Paris Legion players Louqa and Shockz joined Fighta and Pred on Renegades this season, and the four seem to have got off to a flying start. If last season is anything to go by, APAC teams will not want to let Renegades get some momentum.

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