CoD: Aydan Joins New York Subliners As Content Creator

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CoD: Aydan Joins New York Subliners As Content Creator

A good week for Andbox gets even better as they announce the signing of Aydan.

Following the announcement of Kevin Durrant investing in Andbox earlier in the week, many thought it couldn't get any better. However, this week just gets better for fans of the Subliners, as today they announced the signing of Aydan “Aydan” Conrad as a Warzone player and Content Creator.

Aydan is the highest-earning Warzone player in the world and therefore is one of the best. After transitioning from Fortnite, Aydan has continued to build his fanbase and is known as one of the best Warzone players, but also one of the funniest streamers around. He usually competes with players such as HusKerrs and Rated, and has many tournament wins under his belt.

In the last month, Aydan has averaged around 13K live viewers on Twitch and currently has over 10K Subs. With this massive fanbase, Aydan is a great pickup for the Subliners and will bring more eyes to the team.

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