CoD: A Possible Happy Ending for the Former Roster of Excelerate Gaming?

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CoD: A Possible Happy Ending for the Former Roster of Excelerate Gaming?

The former roster of Excelerate Gaming has been through rough times, to put it mildly. Excelerate Gaming released their entire roster ahead of CWL Fort Worth. Needless to say, neither the former players nor their fans were happy with the mass release. Since then, accusations of withholding pay and blackmail have surfaced against Excelerate Gaming. Michael “Beehzy” Said has (justifiably) lambasted against his former organization with support from his fans. Whether or not Excelerate Gaming are to remain in the Pro League is also in question as they attempted to sell their spot in the league, failing to do so.

While the fate of the Excelerate Gaming organization and/or their status in the CWL Pro League is up in the air, at least the players that were formerly part of it might have something positive to look forward to. The CEO of Team Envy, Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, has extended an offer to the former Excelerate Gaming roster to cover their travel expenses and get them a team pass so they can compete as a team once more:

Later, Hastr0 tweeted that the players accepted his offer and that he successfully secured a Team Pass for them to compete at CWL Fort Worth. What their team name will be or what the team’s long term plans still remain unknown, but this is a great development for them at least in the short term. We’ll see this squad at Fort Worth, and if you’re a fan of these players, wish them the best of luck!

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