CoD: $25K Atlanta FaZe Cold War Clash Format, Teams And How To Watch

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CoD: $25K Atlanta FaZe Cold War Clash Format, Teams And How To Watch

Atlanta FaZe will be kicking off a week of tournaments starting with tonight's Cold War Clash, here’s the format, schedule and how to watch.

Atlanta FaZe and FaZe Clan will be hosting the first of a series of Black Ops Cold War tournaments starting tonight with the Cold War Clash. FaZe Clan are no strangers to hosting tournaments, with a plethora of Warzone tournaments under their belt from recent months, however, tonight's BOCW competition has a slight twist to the normal format.


The FaZe Clan Cold War Clash will feature eight total teams of five players competing for their share of $25K. First of all, the eight Team Captains will play a Free For All match to determine who drafts CDL pros first. CDL pros will also do the same to determine the seeding of the bracket.

Once the teams have been confirmed, they will enter a double-elimination bracket. Here they’ll play best of three matches in Winners, while they will compete in a Search and Destroy best of one is Losers matches. The Call of Duty League ruleset will be in play, so we will get to see some of the banned items within that mode.


While the full teams will be confirmed at the start of the tournament, the following teams have been confirmed so far:

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  • Pamaj
  • Rated
  • TheMLGImpulse
  • Exodass
  • + CDL Pro


  • FaZe Temperrr
  • SlaterKodish
  • DrizzyRD
  • Sturzahh
  • + CDL Pro


  • FaZe Bloo
  • Unrational
  • Xotic
  • SaugaRoyalty
  • + CDL Pro


  • OpTic Hitch
  • OpTic Blake
  • OpTic Jorge
  • TeePee
  • + CDL Pro


  • Tommey
  • Almxnd
  • Newbz
  • Karma
  • + CDL Pro


  • Vikkstar
  • Spart
  • Davpadie
  • Prolute
  • + CDL Pro

Schedule and How to Watch

The FaZe Clan Cold War Clash starts at 4 PM EST and is likely to last around 4/5 hours. You can watch the Cold War Clash on Atlanta FaZe’s Twitch Channel, but your favorite competitor will also be streaming their POV.

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