COD 2021 Reportedly Missing Multiplayer Mode

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COD 2021 Reportedly Missing Multiplayer Mode

The COD 2021 leaks have started, and we may be seeing MW2 Multiplayer Remastered instead of a new Multiplayer mode

As time goes by, we get more and more leaks around the new Call of Duty. Leading up to the game, many different sources come out revealing new information, some true, some not. Today, well-known games journalist Jeff Grub revealed how COD 2021 is having “major development problems on the multiplayer side” and may “release MW2 remastered multiplayer as its sole multiplayer release of 2021.”

Why would COD release without a new multiplayer?

While we have to take this leak with a grain of salt, if true, this would be the first time a COD game has been released without a new multiplayer. This may happen due to the meteoric rise of Warzone. Warzone has revolutionized Call of Duty, and this can be seen in the Black Ops Cold War player numbers this year. More and more players have stayed on the Free to Play Battle Royale experience instead of moving to standard multiplayer in Cold War. Releasing Modern Warfare 2 remastered would also be quite easy, given the MW2 campaign remaster from last year.

What does this mean for the COD League?

If COD 2021 released without a new multiplayer, this would leave the Call of Duty League in a tough spot. One option would be to move to the MW2 Remaster. However, this would see a complete u-turn in the way competitive COD is played, and may not be appealing for the viewers and players alike.

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Secondly, they stay on Black Ops Cold War. We’ve already seen three Black Ops 2 maps brought back into Cold War, and are set to see more throughout the year. A great option for the CDL would be to stay on Cold War, but constantly bring more maps into the map pool. This would keep the game refreshing throughout the years. Many players have expressed their interest in a COD Mobile type game for competitive and this could be Activision's chance.

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