CoD: 100 Thieves Priestahh Out With Illness as They Battle Through Loser’s Bracket

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CoD: 100 Thieves Priestahh Out With Illness as They Battle Through Loser’s Bracket

100 Thieves superstar Submachine Gun Slayer, Preston “Priestahh” Greiner, has come down with an unspecified illness during 100 Thieves’ loser’s quarterfinals matchup against Enigma6.

After a close map 1 Hardpoint win where Priestahh played magnificently, all seemed to be going well for 100 Thieves. However, during the 6th round of the map 2 Search and Destroy, Priestahh “popped a 2 piece (got two kills)…dropped his controller and then threw up on stage mid-round”. This according to a tweet by 100 Thieves owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag.

According to Nadeshot, Priestahh is receiving medical attention by on-site EMT’.  It remains unlikely that he will be able to return to play. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves substitute and former starter Maurice “F3rocitys” Henriquez will fill in for Priestahh and 100 Thieves for the remainder of the tournament.

This comes as a big blow to 100 Thieves who were finding their stride as a team. They were comfortably proceeding through the loser’s bracket and were looking like a strong contender to win the whole tournament. While 100 Thieves were able to complete their match against Engima6, winning in a 3-1 fashion, they face certain pacing and role issues moving forward as F3rocitys plays the Flex role and Priestahh played the Submachine Gun role. Nevertheless, they certainly have the leadership and talent to win this event. They play Team Reciprocity next who are coming off of a map 5 win against Red Reserve.

It seems that for now, all we know is that Priestahh has suffered an illness, but not a serious or calamitous one. Team owner Nadeshot has promised to provide updates on Priestahh’s medical situation, and we will continue to monitor his health.

We all hope Priestahh will recover quickly and be back on the sticks soon.


2:37 pm EST: 100 Thieves just fell to Team Reciprocity 3-1 in Loser's Bracket Semifinals.

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