Chipotle Partners with ESL and Dreamhack

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Chipotle Partners with ESL and Dreamhack

Chipotle has announced a partnership with both ESL and DreamHack this morning, with content including event sponsorships and the Chipotle Challenger Series, an amateur esports league.

American Mexican restaurant Chipotle revealed a partnership today with two of the largest esports tournament organizers, ESL and DreamHack.

As per the press release, Chipotle will sponsor ESL and DreamHack events. Chipotle will be the presenting sponsor of DreamHack Open Atlanta. It will also act as the official sponsor of DreamHack Masters Dallas. DreamHack’s Chief Product Officer, Michael Van Driel, had this to say on the partnership:

“Since launching our first North American event in 2016, DreamHack has been able to continue to grow and capture a larger audience both online and on-site in the United States. Having a partner like Chipotle on board to support what we are already doing while adding more content to the event is tremendously exciting for us. DreamHack Dallas will be the biggest North American event we have hosted to date and is the perfect location to kick off this partnership.”

In addition, it will also launch the Chipotle Challenger Series, an amateur esports tournament. The Chipotle Challenger Series will take place at two DreamHack events, namely DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Atlanta. The Series will be open to fans that attend these events, and those same fans can compete for merchandise and a year’s supply of free Chipotle products.

Chipotle Reenters the Scene

Chipotle is no stranger to the esports space. The chain has sponsored both Team Solo Mid and OpTic Gaming in the past. After getting their feet wet in esports, they seem to have made the decision to step up their presence in the esports space.

According to Christ Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer at Chipotle, the company is angling to do just that.

“Our partnership with DreamHack allows Chipotle to become even more engrained in the esports community,” said Brandt.

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