Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Sweep Dallas Empire in London League Final

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Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Sweep Dallas Empire in London League Final

The Chicago Huntsmen dominantly defeated the Dallas Empire in the London Royal Ravens Home Series Final.

Round 1

Dallas took an early lead against Chicago but this starting round of Hardpoint was full of surprises. Soon, the Huntsmen and Empire were evenly matched in points as well as power positions at the Azhir Cave. Chicago decided to regroup around the third hill as Dallas broke forward with their first twenty point lead. In time, Chicago followed the Dallas move set, combated their strategy, and pushed forward to rack up a bevy of multi-kills against the Empire.

With less than three minutes left in the round, the score was more than doubled, with Chicago maintaining 209 points against Dallas’ 200. The Empire went a more than 34 kill spree to keep the game within arms reach, but Chicago’s squad of Scump and FormaL broke forward and regrouped offensively in an attempt to secure the lead. It worked big time, with Chicago coming back from behind to win, 1 – 0.

Round 2

Search and Destroy was a close-knit round, and right from the get-go, Dallas doubled down on their offense to secure an opening-round win. Arcitys and his sniper were put to good use for Chicago, but it didn’t matter, mostly due to the Empire and their skillful aim, taking out any players in sight. The third round of the match went to Chicago, mostly due in part to Scump and FormaL’s organized attack in the middle of the map. With a bomb planted at Point B during round four, it seemed the Empire was a shoo-in to win, but Gunless, with a genius back to back killstreak, stopped the bomb, allowing his team to tie the round, 2 –

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Once Chicago and Dallas switched sides, both teams became much more guarded, even on offense. Chicago found a way to break through the Dallas stronghold in the middle of the map, successfully walking away with a win for the round. The next round was more or less of the same, with the Huntsmen keeping themselves in check defensively enough to wait, build off a few Dallas mistakes, and go in for much-needed kills, making the game 4 – 2. Yet, Dallas took the next two rounds back to back, with iLLey breaking down Chicago’s weak offensive stronghold (Scump being the last Chicago player alive).

FormaL took the first blood for the Huntsmen, but the game became a round of 3 v 2 as Dallas won yet another round (the game now 5 – 4, in Dallas favor). iLLeY’s sniper rifle was a force to be reckoned with in the next round, but Dallas couldn’t hold the Chicago stronghold over the next two rounds, as Chicago took the Search and Destroy win right from under Dallas.

Round 3

The Empire was neck and neck against the Huntsmen in the third round of play, with Chicago firmly holding onto their defensive strategies to end up on top after 120 points of pure Domination. The game stayed within a ten-point lead for most of the match, becoming a twenty and then thirty point lead once Chicago decided to kick it into high offensive gear.

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The Chicago Huntsmen won, sweeping the Dallas Empire at the London Royal Ravens Home Series Final.

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