Call of Duty: Fan Favorite Chicago Huntsmen Steal Win Away From Los Angeles Guerillas, 3 – 0

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Call of Duty: Fan Favorite Chicago Huntsmen Steal Win Away From Los Angeles Guerillas, 3 – 0

The Chicago Huntsmen put on a show and swept away the Guerillas.

The first round of Hardpoint took place at Gunrunner, with the Chicago Huntsmen scoring over 22 points before the Los Angeles Guerillas could even score. But that gap was short-lived, with the Guerillas coming back quickly to make it only a few point difference. Scump racked up an important multi-kill (3) that kept the Huntsmen in the lead. Meanwhile, Envoy, ever a balanced defenseman, contained quality map control. However, the real hero of this round was Gunless, with a 7 kill streak and a consistently stable offensive powerhouse. FORMAL, hanging out in the Gunrunner storage containers, shot down any phase of competition in his path. With over a hundred point lead, the Chicago Huntsmen showed exactly why they’re a fan favorite team. They took game one in stride, making it a 1 – 0 series.

Round Two

Round two was a classic match of Search and Destroy, with both teams playing it safe and making sure to keep their guards up. Los Angeles took the first round of the match, mostly due to an excellent offensive strategy. Arcitys and Scump were the last two players left alive in round two, but Chicago took the win once again, with LA struggling to keep up defensively. In the third round, SAINTS got first blood for the Guerillas, even shooting down Scump early on. However, Envoy exacted his revenge, and Gunless, fueled with pure rage, stacked up deaths and got the final kill to win the round.

FormaL in the fourth round used his sniper to great advantage, shutting the Guerillas down with another round victory. The fifth round relied heavily on Lacefield for Los Angeles, but even a back to back killstreak wasn’t enough to keep Chicago from winning once again. Chicago’s Scump scored a brilliant multi-kill against LA, but it wasn’t enough to stop Los Angeles from steering away from their usual sloppy plays, as they won the next two rounds of S ‘n’ D. In the ninth round, Lacefield and SAINTS were the only two players left alive for LA. With Scump and Envoy racking up kills, they closed out the game with a win, making it a 2 – 0 lead.

Round Three

The third round of the match took place at Hackney Yard, and what a round of Domination it was. The Guerillas came alive this round after a series of sluggish play, retaking the lead away from the Huntsmen early on. With ten seconds left, both teams were neck and neck. But Chicago, once again, broke away with Arcitys scraping together an important kill to help his team win the round. As the point tallies kept growing, both teams continued to stay close in score. But Chicago continuously kept a lead over Los Angeles. With 48 seconds left, Chicago only had a ten-point lead over the Guerillas, which quickly became a 4 point lead… but in the end, as Linkin Park once said, it didn’t even matter. Chicago won fair and square, sweeping Los Angeles.

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