Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Secure Easy 3 – 1 Win Against Dallas Empire

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Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Secure Easy 3 – 1 Win Against Dallas Empire

It was smooth sailing for the Chicago Huntsmen in their game versus the Dallas Empire.

The first round of the match was a game of Hardpoint, and right out of the gate, Scump was racking up points against the entire fleet of the Dallas Empire. Chicago were just as strong as they were during their first rotation match, but the Empire were not backing down, showing their strides defensively. Once the point lead broke, Chicago switched into an offensive powerhouse and dominated the match, taking the first round 1 – 0.

Round Two

The second round was a tight-knit match of Search and Destroy, quickly turning into a 3 v 3 match at Piccadilly. As the pressure built, odds were not in the Huntsmen’s favor, with a lone Scump going down as Clayster racked up the final kill and won the round for Dallas. The next two rounds also went to Dallas, and as the teams switched sides, there was a palpable change of pace in the air. Scump had as many kills as his entire team did, but even as Chicago continued to faulter in S ‘n’ D, they won the round, breaking in at 3 – 1, pushing forward to win the next pair of rounds to tie it up.

The next round was brilliant with C6 smoking the final Chicago player in a close call of 1 v 1 madness. Round five was a sloppy one for Shotzzy, who got killed attempting to climb over a ladder, and iLLeY’s sniper skills helped guarantee a round win for the Dallas Empire… but the next three rounds went to Chicago, who led a strong offense against a tryhard Dallas defense, and clinched the win once again, making it a 2 – 0 match.

Round Three

The third round was a game of Domination with Chicago dipping under their weight in defense. Dallas lead a powerful offensive, keeping Chicago at a solid ten point distance for most of the Modern Warfare match. The Huntsmen secured both points A and B in record time, with a twenty point break between the Empire, but Dallas kept a forty point lead over Chicago’s head. For a solid nine minutes the game went back and forth, but Dallas stepped it up, defeating the Huntsmen in this round of Hardpoint.

Round Four

Hardpoint was once again the name of the name in the fourth round, with the Dallas Empire really branching out offensively against Chicago. With a more than thirty point lead, the Huntsmen were noticeably dismayed, lacking in defense early on, but were able to bring the game back to a five point difference after about three minutes of playtime. In a minute, the game became Chicago’s, snagging a twenty point lead over Dallas. Envoy was clutch throughout the game, taking his time obliterating his competition and helping Chicago take a more than fifty point lead. With only 37 points needed for Chicago to win the match, their balanced rotation proved effective, as Envoy’s high-skilled play continued to launch across the map… giving Chicago another win for the day.

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