Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Defeat Paris Legion with Close 3-2 Win

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Call of Duty: Chicago Huntsmen Defeat Paris Legion with Close 3-2 Win

The Chicago Huntsmen took a win over the Paris Legion, but it was far from easy.

Round 1

This game was intense right from the start, with the Paris Legion and Chicago Huntsmen fighting tooth and nail between a less than 10 point lead. Hardpoint was the name of the game, and even with each team noticeably giving their all, Paris took the lead back thanks to Shockz quick multikill maneuvers.

From that lead, the legion found their way into a first round win, while the Huntsmen took the loss, making it 1 – 0.

Round 2

The second round, as usual, was a semifinal free-for-all of Search and Destroy madness. FormaL and Scump went down quickly for Chicago, but Denz was the last player left alive for Paris, only to die just as fast as you read this sentence. Chicago stepped up their defense to insane levels in these early S ‘n’ D matches, winning the next two rounds as well. However, Paris snapped back in the fourth round, winning due to an excellent offensive strategy and constant movement around the map. Denz was once again the last player left alive in the fourth round, as Arcitys shot him to pieces to secure a 4 – 1 lead.

As the teams switched sides, Paris needed to find their offense footing, and it is a good thing they did, scoring the second point in over three rounds. At 4 – 2, the teams were equally matched, in a pair of 3 v 3 play… but just like they did in the first three rounds, Chicago obliterated their competition with fast-thinking offensives. They would do the same in the next round, winning the series 6 – 2.

Round 3

The third round of Chicago vs Paris was a match of Domination, with the Huntsmen maintaining a more than forty point lead against the Legion. That lead quickly grew to over seventy points for Chicago as they continued to dominate in this round of Domination.

Paris wobbled and faltered even further later on, trailing behind at a nearly hundred point lead, as the Huntsmen took the lead, 3 – 1.

Round 4

In a match of Hardpoint, the game was closer than ever. Both teams battled with intensity, with Paris staying content with a twenty point lead over the Huntsmen throughout most of the match. However, as the match was ending, with less than two minutes left, Chicago came close to tying the game… only to lose by a few dozen points.

Paris won the round, tying the series at 2 – 2.

Round 5

The first round was an easy win for the Chicago Huntsmen, while the second round was a much different story. Scump, the last players left alive for his team, maneuvered out of the way of a 4 v 1 Paris advantage, killing all Legion players for a crowd-affirming, scream-inducing comeback. The third round became an even quicker match, with Chicago winning a 3 v 1 offensive, killing KISMET in an amazingly quick amount of time.

Chicago won the fourth round in a close match of 1 v 1, closing in on a shutout round, but the song mostly remained the same for the rest of the match. Paris may have moved well, but with Scump’s agility and Chicago’s dominance over the map, the Huntmen won the match, 3 – 2.

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