CDL Pro-Am Classic: Day 3 Recap

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CDL Pro-Am Classic: Day 3 Recap

The Pro-Am Classic is down to the final four.

The Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic is in full swing, and following some incredible matches, we’re now down to the final four. Last night we saw the final eight go head-to-head following two days of intense matches. Ultra Academy NA proved they can hang with the best on day one, and Strike X took down the Surge on day two. 

In the first Pro-Am in over three years, the Call of Duty community loved seeing the amateur teams go head-to-head against the pros. However, the final eight featured all-pro teams, and the final four featured the best of the best. Here’s a recap of every map from day three, and how it all went down.

New York Subliners 3-0 Paris Legion

Both Paris Legion and the New York Subliners have looked like different teams during the Pro-Am Classic, and with New York’s Bocage dominance here, it's no surprise they took map one. While they were outslayed by four kills, and at points put in traps by the Paris Legion, the Subliners focused more on the points than the kills and took the map 250-177. GRVTY put up a massive 39 kills and 1.70 K/D for Paris, but it wasn't enough as they went 1-0 down in the series. 

New York were 3-0 in Search and Destroy heading into this map, with all three wins coming in a 6-5 fashion. While this shows their ability to clutch up when needed, a round 11 is never an ideal situation to be in. This didn't matter for the Subliners though, as they did it again, and took a round 11 win to take a 2-0 series lead. Hydra was dominant in this Search and Destroy on Berlin, using his Sniper to get early picks and defend bombsites with ease.

The New York Subliners closed out the series in a quick 3-0 with a 3-2 victory on Gavutu Control. While GRVTY tried his best and fried once again on the side of Paris Legion, the teamwork of the Subliners was too much. They held strong and performed well on their attacking rounds, taking the series 3-0 and advancing to Sunday.

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Toronto Ultra 3-1 Florida Mutineers

The Florida Mutineers have looked reinvigorated during the Pro-Am Classic, and their Hardpoint and Control have looked exceptional. Therefore, it's no surprise that they took map one in this series. 3-0 on Tuscan so far at the Pro-Am, the Florida Mutineers continued their dominance with both Vivid and Skyz earning full streaks throughout the game, and Vivid putting up a monstrous 41 kills and a 1.64 K/D.

In Map two, the lobby stayed on Tuscan. However, it was Toronto Ultra who came out on top this time. Cammy and CleanX were the main slayers here as Toronto Ultra took an early 4-0 lead, and while the Mutineers started to make a comeback, Ultra held on and came out with a 6-3 win to tie the series 1-1. Toronto Ultra went on to take a 2-1 lead in the series through a 3-2 Control victory on Berlin. We saw five defensive rounds in a row in this map, as neither team was able to break through the B point defence, and Ultra put themselves in the driving seat.

Toronto continued their momentum in map four and completely threw all stats and prior matches out the window with a 250-175 Hardpoint victory on Berlin. This map win saw them take the series 3-1 and advance to Sunday, where they’ll take on the New York Subliners.

OpTic Texas 3-2 Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Texas have been playing with General due to iLLeY’s thumb injury throughout the Pro-Am Classic. However, this hasn't stopped them from reaching the final eight. They took on Atlanta FaZe for their spot in the final four, and the series did not get off to a good start. Atlanta FaZe completely dominated map one, taking a 250-100 Hardpoint victory on Gavutu as they outslayed OpTic by 15 kills.

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However, OpTic Texas bounced back in the Search and Destroy map two, winning 6-3 on Tuscan. Here it was Dashy’s snipes and the overall teamwork from OpTic that led to their win and tied the series 1-1. The momentum swung back in favor of Atlanta FaZe in map three as they dominated the Control, winning 3-1 on Berlin and looking exceptional on their attacking rounds. aBeZy dominated as the entry player, putting up 21 kills and getting vital picks to enter the point on offense.

While FaZe was 2-1 up, it wasn't over for OpTic. They returned to Tuscan, and after a hard-fought match, it was down to just six points. Scump showed his experience by going on an incredible flank and waiting for his teammates, producing an exceptional pinch that got all FaZe players off the Hardpoint and resulted in an Optic Texas victory. Map five then went the way of OpTic again, mainly due to Shotzzy’s multiple multi-kills, giving OpTic a man advantage in most rounds which they eventually closed out. 

This sees OpTic advance to Sunday and the Pro-Am Classic Finals. 

LA Thieves 3-1 Boston Breach

LA Thieves began the Pro-Am Classic in a dire situation, suffering a 3-0 loss to the New York Subliners, and looking majorly out of place. However, they bounced back on day two and continued to perform here. In map one, Boston Breach dominated. A more accurate statement would be that Methodz dominated, as he put up 32 kills and a 1.88 K/D for the map one victory, and a 1-0 series lead.

In map two, LA Thieves came back and took a 6-3 victory, with Octane putting up 14 kills and a 3.50 K/D to tie the series 1-1. Map three came close with it going to a round five, however, the momentum pulled LA Thieves through as they took a 2-1 series lead before eventually closing out the series with a 250-190 Hardpoint win in map four. 

This sees LA Thieves go through to the final four and take on OpTic Texas in the Finals.

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