CDL New York Major 4 – Day 1 Recap

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CDL New York Major 4 – Day 1 Recap

Here’s a recap of everything from the first day of CDL Major New York. The first Call of Duty Major ever to be played in NYC.

The Call of Duty League returned to finish off Major 4 as we headed to New York. This is the first ever Call of Duty Major event in New York, so the crowd brought the vibes, and the teams brought the action.

Toronto Ultra 3-2 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens have been exceptional in recent weeks heading into Major 4. While their Control definitely needs work, they’ve looked great in both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. Map one in this series came close as it went down to the final point, however, it was the London Royal Ravens who came out on top 250-249. London looked in control throughout most of the map, but Ultra began to claw it back, but unfortunately fell short.

Map two was also close, but not as close as the first map. Here, the London Royal Ravens took a 2-0 lead in the series as Afro dominated on Desert Siege Search and Destroy, putting up a massive 14 kills and a 2.33 K/D as the Ravens got ever closer to that series win. Control was next in this series, so with the London Royal Ravens suffering recently, we’re not surprised that they took a defeat on this map. However, this was a dominant win for Toronto UItra as they took it 3-0 with Insight topping the leaderboard with his 24 kills and a 2.18 K/D.

London is usually the team that can break almost every Hardpoint in the game. However, this wasn't the case in map four, as Toronto Ultra managed to hold down the Hardpoints while London struggled to hold themselves, seeing Toronto Ultra tie the series 2-2. Ultra came out victorious 250-230 in map four, with an overall great performance from the squad. Toronto Ultra took home the victory in this series through a dominant Bocage Search and Destroy. Bance was unbelievable, going 11-2 in this final 6-2 victory to close out the first series of the day. 

Florida Mutineers 3-2 Boston Breach

Boston Breach were firm favorites coming into this matchup, however, the vetoes switched things up. With Gavutu Hardpoint for map one, and Gavutu Control for map three, these are two of the Florida Mutineers best maps and made many Boston Breach fans worried. They were right to be scared, with Florida taking a 250-153 map one victory, being dominant throughout with MajorManiak absolutely dominating, putting up 31 kills and a 1.72 K/D to kick off the series.

The Florida Mutineers took a 2-0 lead in the series following a 6-2 Desert Siege Search and Destroy victory, continuing their dominance from the first map. It was the ever-present duo of Skyz and Owakening who ran the show, dropping 7 and 8 kills respectively on this map. If there was any way to bounce back into a series, Boston Breach showed the perfect way to do it. A clean 3-0 sweep on Gavutu Control with Methodz taking over, dropping 23 kills and just 8 deaths, leading to a 2.88 K/D as Boston Breach got themselves back into the series. 

Map three dominance continued into map four, with Boston Breach taking Berlin Hardpoint 250-134. Methodz was unbelievable again, putting up 24 kills and a 2.00 K/D. Boston tied the series 2-2 and headed to a Bocage Search and Destroy for the second map five of the day. Boston was unable to complete the reverse sweep as the Florida Mutineers clutched up in map five, taking a 6-4 Search and Destroy victory on Bocage to win the series and advance to the winner's bracket. 

New York Subliners 3-2 Minnesota ROKKR

The New York Subliners may have pulled off the best walkout of the year, but even Gursh blessing the stage couldn't lead them to a map one victory. Minnesota ROKKR broke New York's Hardpoint win streak with a 250-204 Bocage victory. ROKKR outlsayed NYSL massively by 32 kills, with Attach and Standy leading the lobby with 37 and 39 kills respectively as Minnesota took a 1-0 series lead.

Not a single round was close in map two, as Minnesota ROKKR took a 2-0 lead in the series through a 6-1 Tuscan Search and Destroy win. ROKKR countered everything New York did throughout the map, and Standy was unbelievable once again, going 10-0 and flawless in map two. The New York Subliners fought back with a quick 3-0 on Berlin Control to get themselves back into the series. This was a rare Berlin Control, as we never see 3-0’s or rounds go down to kills. However, Hydra was frying as he went double positive at 24/12 as NYSL ended the map in just over eight minutes, taking the series to 2-1.

NYSL took the momentum from their 3-0 Control victory into map four as they completely dominated Minnesota ROKKR in a 250-144 Tuscan Hardpoint. ROKKR outslayed New York at times, with Attach picking up streaks halfway through the map. However, ROKKR struggled to hold hills as New York perfected their breaks and tied the series 2-2. The New York Subliners came back in this series and pulled off the reverse sweep following a 6-4 Desert Siege Search and Destroy, winning their first match at a Major, and first game five of the year.

LA Thieves 3-1 Atlanta FaZe

The LA Thieves shocked the Call of Duty League with a 3-1 victory over Atlanta FaZe in the first round of matches at Major 4. The Thieves started the series strong with a 250-148 Tuscan Hardpoint win, where they held down their own hills, and broke FaZe’s with ease to secure the victory. Envoy was dominating the map as an SMG, putting up a massive 34 kills, 20 more than Simp for Atlanta FaZe.

Map two also went the way of the Thieves as they won 6-2 on Tuscan Search and Destroy. This was a great overall team performance, with Envoy and Kenny both going 8/4 dropping 2.00 K/D’s. However, the series wasn't over as Atlanta FaZe took the following Tuscan Control 3-2. FaZe heavily outslayed in this map, dominating the Thieves and made many fans expect yet another game five and reverse sweep today. LA Thieves didn't let that happen, though, as they closed out the series with a 250-174 Berlin Hardpoint to win 3-1 and advance to the losers bracket.

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