CDL Major 3 Qualifiers – Week 3 Day 1 Recap

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CDL Major 3 Qualifiers – Week 3 Day 1 Recap

Here’s a recap of the first day of the final week of CDL Major 3 Qualifiers.

The Call of Duty League continued its journey towards Major 3 with the final week of qualifiers getting underway tonight. Some of the best teams in the league went head-to-head, while we saw if the flawless Minnesota ROKKR could continue their dominance when they took on Atlanta FaZe.

Toronto Ultra 3-0 Paris Legion

Toronto Ultra has been heating up slowly as they get closer to their very own Major 3 on June 2nd. Today, it looked like Toronto Ultra has finally hit the form we want to see, reminiscent of the Black Ops Cold War season. Map one was a Bocage Hardpoint, and Toronto Ultra took it 250-198. While it was comfortable in the beginning, Ultra allowed Paris Legion back into the map with Temp and Jimbo both earning full streaks, however, the map was eventually closed out.

Cammy put up 41 kills and a 1.28 K/D in map one. The Search and Destroy was even better for him, as his 10 kills saw him drop a 3.33 K/D, leading the Toronto Ultra to a 2-0 lead in the series. Finally, Ultra closed out the series with a quick 3-0 sweep on Berlin Control to close out a 3-0 sweep in the series. Cammy seemed to really hit form in this series, finishing with a 1.33 K/D and making Toronto Ultra look dangerous heading into the Major.

Seattle Surge 3-1 Florida Mutineers

Seattle Surge were a dominant force at the start of the Call of Duty League season. While they may have slightly fallen down the pecking order, they still have the players they did at the start, and they showed this in map one. Pred was back to his best as he dropped 41 kills on Bocage Hardpoint as Seattle Surge took a 250-231 win, and a 1-0 series lead.

In the Search and Destroy, Seattle Surge were in control for the majority of the map. However, the Florida Mutineers turned it around and took the map 6-4 following an excellent map from Skyz where he put up 11 kills, and clutched up in a 1v1 to tie the series 1-1. Seattle Surge responded with a quick 3-0 victory on Tuscan Control, with the whole squad going positive.

To finish the series, Seattle Surge moved onto a 250-192 Berlin Hardpoint win. Pred was incredible once again, putting up 32 kills and a 1.45 K/D on this map. Overall in the series, Pred dropped a 1.29 overall, and Seattle Surge might be hitting form just at the right time.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-0 Atlanta FaZe

Many of the Call of Duty League community were worried when the maps for this series were announced, as Minnesota ROKKR would be taking on Atlanta FaZe on Bocage. Well, ROKKR became the second team this year to defeat them on Bocage, as they took a 250-143 victory in dominant fashion. Attach was on a mission as he dropped 37 kills and just 15 deaths, an unbelievable 2.47 K/D.

The momentum was completely on the side of the Minnesota ROKKR, and as we remained on Bocage, the result stayed the same. Another dominant victory came in favor of Minnesota ROKKR, with a 6-1 victory seeing them take a 2-0 lead in the series. Priestahh was the main slayer this time, earning streaks during the map that helped to close out rounds, as he finished 10/1 in this extraordinary map.

Atlanta FaZe were then 3-0’d for the first time ever with the lineup of Arcitys, Cellium, Simp and aBeZy as Minnesota ROKKR closed out the Berlin Control 3-1. Somehow, ROKKR won a 4v11 in the final round on offense to take the series, and go 5-0 in Major 3 Qualifiers.

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