CDL Major 3 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 1 Recap

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CDL Major 3 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 1 Recap

Here’s all the action from the opening day of CDL Major 3 Qualifiers.

The Call of Duty League has returned following an eventful Major 2 in Boston. We start with Major 3 Qualifiers this week, and here’s all the action from the opening day of week one.

CDL Major 3 – Las Vegas Legion 3-1 LA Thieves

Drazah has been grinding since the release of Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2 as he became the first pro player to reach the top 250. It was clear that he’s been playing a lot recently as soon as we started this series. Drazah put up 22 kills as he topped the leaderboard in kills in the Thieves 250-130 Mercado Hardpoint map one victory. A 22/12 performance from Drazah was exceptional in this map one, and it might have been the ranked grind that brought this out of him. 

However, the Las Vegas Legion came back in the map two Fortress Search and Destroy, extending their record on the map to a flawless 7-0. TJHaly put up 12 kills here, even after throwing away a 1v1 vs Octane. That may be the weirdest cod timing we have seen all year. A 6-4 victory here saw Las Vegas tie the series 1-1 heading into the Control. Las Vegas Legion went on to take the lead in this series with a 3-2 Hotel Control victory. Temp and 2Real dominated the map putting up 33 and 32 kills, respectively, as they clutched up when needed after throwing two possible round wins earlier in the map.

Las Vegas Legion kept their guns hot as they closed out the series 3-1 with a dominant 250-201 Embassy Hardpoint. Clayster dropped a massive 32 kills, but it was the new kid in 2Real who picked up some massively important two pieces and crucial 1v1 wins to hold down the Hardpoint and pick up spawns to win this map. This was a massive shock win, but it was great to see 2Real dominating in his second stint in the league.

CDL Major 3 – New York Subliners 3-2 Minnesota ROKKR

Minnesota ROKKR had struggled up until Major 2. However, something clicked on LAN as the team placed top 4, and started winning map ones. They took the first map in this series, too, with a 250-206 Fortress Hardpoint win that saw 31 kills from Bance, who has become a different player since Major 2, dominating almost every map as he continues to shine so far in the past month. 

The New York Subliners came back into this series with an insanely dominant 6-1 Mercado Search and Destroy win in map two to tie this series 1-1. If it wasn’t for a 2v4 round one win from Minnesota ROKKR, this could’ve been a quick and flawless 6-0 from the Subliners, and it was 9/2 and 8/2 performances from Skyz and Priestahh that led the lobby on this map. Afro struggled in the map three Fortress Control. However, Hydra did not, as he put up a massive 34 kills and a 1.18 K/D as the Subliners outslayed heavily in this 3-1 victory to take a 2-1 series lead.

Minnesota ROKKR had perfect breaks throughout the entirety of map four as they took a 250-227 Hotel hardpoint victory to take the series to a map five. Cammy was unreal, dropping 31 kills and a 2.21 K/D as he made up for the slower performances of his SMG teammates. Minnesota ROKKR led this final map 4-2, and looked in a great position to close out the series. However, Hydra took over with 15 kills and an ace to close out the Fortress Search and Destroy 6-5 to take the series 3-2.

CDL Major 3 – Boston Breach 3-1 Toronto Ultra

Boston Breach has made a significant change coming into the rest of the season following Methodz’ retirement as they bring in Beans to replace him. Toronto Ultra came into this series hot, however, with a 250-227 Fortress Hardpoint victory to take a 1-0 lead in this series. Scrappy was excellent as usual, putting up a massive 34 kills and topping the leaderboard to kick off this series. 

Boston Breach tied the series 1-1 with a 6-3 Hotel Search and Destroy victory. Vivid was dominant in this map, putting up 8 kills and a 2.00 K/D, while Beans bounced back from his slow map one with 7 kills in this second map of the series. Scrappy went positive 10 kills in the map three Fortress Control. However, it wasn't enough to take the map and Boston Breach took 2-1 lead in the series. This was another tough watch of Fortress Control. However, at least it was the last of the day!

The series was closed out 3-1 by Boston Breach with a close-fought 250-242 Hotel Hardpoint victory. Beans had another tough match, but the Boston Breach pulled through and closed out the series.

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