CDL Major 3 – Day 4 Recap

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CDL Major 3 – Day 4 Recap

Here’s all the action from Day 4 of CDL Major 3.

The Call of Duty League headed to Texas for Major 3 of the 2023 Season, and this could be the most competitive Major yet, with a lot of the top teams looking at the very best of their game heading into the event. Here’s all the action from day 4, and a recap of every map.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe came out to play in map one of this Winners Finals match as they took a 250-197 Hotel Hardpoint victory. Simp and aBeZy were the main slayers here as the SMG duo put up 1.44 and 1.57 K/D’s, respectively as Atlanta FaZe look in championship form, and take a 1-0 lead in the series. Atlanta FaZe were on a 15 game Search and Destroy winstreak coming into this match, and everyone expected this to go to 16. However, Toronto Ultra performed extremely well in this El Asilo Control, taking a 6-3 victory as they played together and used teamwork to their advantage. This levelled the series 1-1, and set up an excellent series.

Toronto Ultra took the lead in this series with a 3-1 Hotel Control victory in map three. This was a well-played map from the entire team that saw them use their numbers and stack hills when needed to close out the map and take the series lead. Toronto Ultra made their first grand finals since Black Ops Cold War after closing out the series with a 250-240 Mercado Hardpoint victory. Atlanta FaZe outslayed massively here, but it was the teamwork from Ultra that prevailed and saw them book their spot in the Grand Finals.

OpTic Texas 3-1 Boston Breach

OpTic Texas had the crowd hyped ahead of this elimination match, and they came out hot. A 250-91 Fortress Hardpoint victory was more dominant than anyone expected, and Dashy was running the show. Dashy put up 31 kills to lead the lobby, and this saw him finish the map with a 1.94 K/D as OpTic made a statement in map one. However, Boston Breach bounced back with a 6-3 Hotel Search and Destroy win to tie the series. Vivid topped the leaderboard with 9 kills, but this was a closer map than the 6-3 scoreline suggests. This saw Boston tie the series 1-1 heading into the Control.

OpTic Texas regained the lead in the series with a 3-2 clutch victory on El Asilo Control. This map was close and it went the distance, but OpTic Texas were able to clutch up with the help of a big performance from the SMG duo of Shotzzy and Huke, being the only two players to go positive on the OpTic Texas roster. OpTic Texas dominated the Hardpoint once again with a 250-174 Mercado victory in map four of this series. Dashy topped the leaderboard once again, this time putting up 30 kills and an even higher K/D with a 2.31 as OpTic Texas advanced to losers finals.

OpTic Texas 3-1 Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Texas have been riding the momentum in every single losers bracket match at their home Major so far. This series was no different from the start as OpTic Texas 100 point clubbed Atlanta FaZe in the map one Fortress Hardpoint. A 250-96 victory saw Shotzzy top the leaderboard with a 1.67 K/D as OpTic Texas took an early 1-0 lead in this losers finals series. However, Atlanta FaZe tied the series 1-1 with a dominant 6-2 victory on El Asilo Search and Destroy. While they took their first Search and Destroy loss in 15 games in their last series, they bounced back here with a dominant win to level the series.

OpTic Texas regained the lead in the series with a 3-1 Hotel Control victory in map three with Shotzzy topping the leaderboard once again. Shotzzy put up a massive 38 kills in this map with a 1.52 K/D as OpTic Texas dominated the map and clutched up when needed to take a 2-1 lead. OpTic Texas closed out the series and booked their spot in the Grand Finals with a 250-227 Mercado Hardpoint victory. Shotzzy dropped a massive 32 kills in this map, but the leader in K/D was rookie Ghosty who put up a 1.47 as OpTic go on to face Toronto Ultra in Grand Finals.

Toronto Ultra 4-2 OpTic Texas

Toronto Ultra took a 250-152 Hotel Hardpoint victory in map one of this series as they silenced the home crowd and took a 1-0 lead in the series. The entire team was dominating in this map as they all went positive and Insight topped the K/D leaderboard with a 1.90, but the SMG duo of CleanX and Hicksy dominated the kills with 27 and 26. However, OpTic Texas bounced back to level the series with a 6-3 Fortress Search and Destroy win. This was a much more dominant map than the scoreline suggests, with OpTic taking a 5-0 lead before Toronto Ultra started to mount a comeback. The rookime Ghosty was frying in this map as he put up 10 kills, putting OpTic on the board and levelling this Grand Finals series.

OpTic Texas took the lead in this series with a 3-2 Hotel Control victory in map three that saw the crowd get loud. This was an incredible clutch up from OpTic Texas, however they dominated in the slaying throughout the map with Dashy put up 29 kills and Ghosty dropped 28 with a massive 1.87 K/D as the rookie continued to show up in this Grand Final, putting OpTic Texas in the lead 2-1. Toronto Ultra levelled the series with a 250-170 Hydro Hardpoint victory in map four. Scrappy dominated with a massive 33 kills in this map as Toronto Ultra rotated perfectly and held down hills to tie the series 2-2 in this Grand Finals.

Toronto Ultra retook the lead in this series with a 6-5 clutch win on Hotel Search and Destroy to lead the series 3-2. Hickey made some great plays in this map as Toronto Ultra clutched up in every round when needed, with Scrappy and Hicksy both putting up 10 kills as we moved into another Control. Toronto Ultra took the Major 3 championship with a 3-2 El Asilo Control victory to close out the series with a 4-2 victory. CleanX and Scrappy dominated this final map with 36 and 35 kills respectively in this final map of the series. This victory was a long time coming for Toronto Ultra, and it’s great to see them win this Championship.

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