CDL Major 3 – Day 2 Recap, Las Vegas Legion Pick up Two Key Wins

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CDL Major 3 – Day 2 Recap, Las Vegas Legion Pick up Two Key Wins

Here’s all the action from Day 2 of CDL Major 3.

The Call of Duty League heads to Texas for Major 3 of the 2023 Season. This could be the most competitive Major yet, with a lot of the top teams looking at the top of their game heading into the event. Here’s all the action from day 2, and a recap of every map.

Las Vegas Legion 3-1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

Las Vegas Legion came into this match looking for revenge after the Los Angeles Guerrillas defeated them in their last match of Major 3 Qualifiers. They decided to challenge the Los Angeles Guerrillas on one of their favorite maps, Embassy Hardpoint, and this paid off. Las Vegas Legion took a 250-124 victory, and started the series with a 1-0 lead.

For an unknown reason, Arcitys had to leave this game, and the Los Angeles Guerrillas’ coach MarkyB came in for maps two and three. Las Vegas Legion dominated the Hotel Search and Destroy map two, taking a quick and easy 6-0 win. Both Temp and TJHaly went flawless in this map, however, the following Control was not as simple. The Los Angeles Guerrillas came out and took the map three with coach MarkyB playing, winning the Fortress Control 3-1. However, Temp completely dominated the fourth map of the series as Las Vegas Legion took a 250-213 Mercado Hardpoint win. Temp put up a massive 28 kills and a 2.55 K/D in this victory that saw the Los Angeles Guerrillas sent home from Major 3.

LA Thieves 3-0 Minnesota ROKKR

Minnesota ROKKR have struggled since Major 2, especially in Search and Destroy. However, taking on a LA Thieves roster who were 3-0’d yesterday by Atlanta FaZe, they looked to come in and regain. Minnesota ROKKR were in the driving seat in map one, however, the LA Thieves pulled off a great clutch to take the Hydro Hardpoint 250-236. Octane put up 28 kills and a 1.40 K/D as he topped the leaderboard seeing the LA Thieves take a 1-0 series lead.

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The LA Thieves extended their lead to 2–0 with a Hotel Search and Destroy victory. Envoy topped the leaderboard here with a massive 10 kills as the Thieves looked to have rebounded from yesterday, and ROKKR continue to suffer. The LA Thieves went on to close out the series in a 3-0 with a 3-1 Hotel Control victory. Minnesota ROKKR outslayed here and looked good, however, the LA Thieves dominated with their teamwork here, allowing them to outplay ROKKR and send them home without a single win in Major 3.

OpTic Texas 3-2 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens came out and surprised the home crowd with a 250-224 Hydro Hardpoint victory in map one. The London Royal Ravens have been a great Hydro Hardpoint team recently, and this was yet again another great showing. Nastie dominated here as he put up a massive 38 kills and a 1.48 K/D as the Ravens took a 1-0 lead in the series. OpTic Texas tied the series 1-1 with a 6-4 Fortress Search and Destroy victory in map two. The London Royal Ravens could’ve sent us to a round 11 here, but it was a clutch 1v2 from Ghosty to win the map that saw OpTic take it, and level the series.

The map three Control saw the London Royal Ravens regain the lead of the series with a 3-2 victory on Fortress Control. Asim absolutely dominated this map, putting up 37 kills and a 1.85 K/D as the Ravens regained control of this series. The series looked to be over as the London Royal Ravens were dominating the map four Mercado Hardpoint. London had an 80 point lead here, but OpTic Texas executed a brilliant comeback to take the map 250-03 and send us to a map five. In the final map of this series, OpTic Texas clutched once again. A 6-4 Mercado Search and Destroy win saw Huke drop 10 kills to top the leaderboard, and saw OpTic Texas remain in the Major with this game-five victory.

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Florida Mutineers 3-1 New York Subliners

The Florida Mutineers came into this series with a new intro, and they came out with a new style of play in the first Hardpoint. A 250-244 Hotel Hardpoint victory saw the Florida Mutineers execute a great comeback on the final hill, seeing FeLo go massive in this final period of play in map one. The Mutineers took a 1-0 lead in the series, and surprised many of the fans watching. Florida Mutineers extended their lead to 2-0 in this series with a 6-1 Fortress Search and Destroy victory. Havok topped the leaderboard in this map with 11 kills and a 2.75 K/D as the Mutineers looked exceptional and put themselves on series point.

The New York Subliners bounced back with an incredibly dominant 3-0 victory on Fortress Control to get their first map on the board in this series. NYSL dominated this map, with Kismet topping the leaderboard with his 2.27 K/D and Skyz not far behind with a 2.00 K/D. However, this was it from New York in this series, as the Florida Mutineers clutched up in the map four to take a 250-235 Mercado Hardpoint win. This saw them take a surprising series win, and send NYSL home.

Las Vegas Legion 3-1 LA Thieves

The Las Vegas Legion looked great in their series earlier today, and they performed once again here. Temp dominated map one with a massive 31 kills and a 1.63 K/D, continuing on from his stellar performance earlier. Las Vegas took map one in a 250-233 Hotel Hardpoint victory as they pulled off one of the biggest comebacks ever after being down 66-203 earlier in the map. Las Vegas clutched up once again in map two to take a 6-5 El Asilo Search and Destroy win that saw Clayster put up 13 kills.

The LA Thieves managed to get one on the board with a 3-0 El Asilo Control win where they outslayed massively, however, this was it. Las Vegas Legion went on to close out the series in four as they took a 250-229 Mercado Hardpoint win to end the series.

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