CDL Major 3: Bounty Week Day 3 Recap

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CDL Major 3: Bounty Week Day 3 Recap

Here’s a recap of all four matches from the CDL Major 3 Bounty Week Day 3.

Bounty Week continued with three more incredible matches to conclude Bounty Week and week two of the Major 3 Qualifiers. While there were three matches, only one of them had the bounty on the line today. With Atlanta FaZe v OpTic Texas putting up $10K for the winner. Here are all the results, and how each match went down.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-2 Paris Legion

This is a battle that has commonly been associated with two of the worst teams in the game. While that has been different throughout the majority of the Vanguard season, it might ring true for this matchup. Regardless, Paris Legion got off to an excellent start with a 250-183 Bocage Hardpoint victory, as GRVTY dominated with a 1.24 K/D, something we have become used to seeing from him.

In the Search and Destroy, Gunless brought out the sniper as it was on Desert Siege. After getting multiple picks with the sniper, the Los Angeles Guerrillas found themselves ahead on the map, and eventually closed it out 6-4. However, the Paris Legion did put up a fight here, and GRVTY looked great once again, dropping 10 kills on the map.

Paris Legion extended their lead to 2-1 with a 3-2 clutch on Gavutu Control. Jimbo took over on this map, with an exceptional streak that saw his Paris Legion team head to the round five and eventually won to increase their lead in the series, and head to series point. However, in terms of K/D it was Temp who dropped a 1.55 to accompany his 34 kills, also the highest in the lobby.

However, the momentum of this series completely switched in map four, as the Los Angeles Guerrillas completely dominated with a 250-137 Tuscan Hardpoint win. Slasher was unbelievable on this map, putting up 25 kills and a 2.08 K/D as the Guerrillas forced a game five. The game five was a repeat of map two, as the Guerrillas came out on top 6-4, however this time on Bocage. Gunless was impressive once again, and LAG break their losing streak.

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OpTic Texas 3-1 Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Texas took an early lead in this series with a 250-205 Gavutu Hardpoint win to kick it off. The entire OpTic Texas roster went positive as they outslayed Atlanta FaZe by 26 kills in the opening map of the series, really making a point to their opponents. The substitute Prolute made some incredible plays and won some important gunfights as OpTic began the series with a 1-0 lead.

Bocage Hardpoint is a map that these two teams are yet to play against each other all season. With Atlanta FaZe yet to beat OpTic Texas this season, trying it out was a great idea, as it resulted in FaZe tying the series 1-1. Simp was the main slayer here, with 11 kills and a 1.57 K/D as he topped the leaderboard in map two.

Prolute dominated in the Control on Berlin as they took a 3-1 win, and he dropped 28 kills and a 2.55 K/D in the map. While he may just be a substitute, Prolute has been exceptional so far and proved this further in OpTic’s 250-178 Berlin Hardpoint win to close out the series and defeat Atlanta FaZe once again.

Toronto Ultra 3-2 New York Subliners

The New York Subliners have looked like a completely new team since the Pro-Am Classic, where they came out on top and took home the championship. As for the Toronto Ultra, rookie Scrappy subbed in for Insight this game due to him feeling unwell. The New York Subliners got off to a solid start with a 250-205 Gavutu Hardpoint victory. This was a tough map for the Toronto Ultra SMG player, as Bance and CleanX dropped just 34 kills together and a combined 0.54 K/D.

Toronto Ultra was quickly back in the series thanks to the rookie Scrappy. In map two, Scrappy dominated the Berlin Search and Destroy as he put up 8 kills with a 4.00 K/D to tie the series 1-1. However, the New York Subliners replied straight away on Tuscan Control, regaining the lead in the series at 2-1.

Ultra bounced back once again in map four to force a game five, winning 250-225 on Berlin Control. Yet again, Scrappy was excellent. This time he put up 38 kills with a 1.46 K/D, the highest in the lobby as Toronto tied the series 2-2. The series concluded with a 6-3 Desert Siege Search and Destroy in the favour of Toronto Ultra. Once again, Scrappy was the top fragger, and he more than proved his worth in this series.

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