CDL Major 3: Bounty Week Day 2 Recap

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CDL Major 3: Bounty Week Day 2 Recap

Here’s a recap of all four matches from Bounty Week Day 2.

Bounty Week continued with four more incredible matches as we steam through the Major 3 Qualifiers. While there were four matches, only two of them had the bounty on the line today, with Paris Legion v New York Subliners and LA Thieves v Seattle Surge both putting $10K on the line for the winner. Here are all the results, and how each match went down.

New York Subliners 3-0 Paris Legion

Paris Legion was extremely brave heading into this series, as they allowed a Bocage Hardpoint as map one. With New York’s recent success on the map, it’s no surprise that they completely dominated. A 250-149 victory saw Kismet drop 32 kills, the same number as his SMG duo Hydra as the Subliners continued their streak of victories on Bocage, and took an early 1-0 lead in the series.

Map two was also dominant for the New York Subliners as they took a 6-1 victory on Berlin Search and Destroy. Kismet was the main slayer again, this time putting up 7 kills alongside his 1.75 K/D. However, Crimsix went one step further with 8 kills and a 2.67 K/D as NYSL dominated Paris Legion, and led the series 2-0 as they were firmly in the driver's seat.

With the Call of Duty League starting slightly late due to some stream issues, the Subliners respected everyone’s night and the series was over quicker than it started with an easy 3-0 sweep. The series was closed out with a 3-0 Control win on Gavutu, with the New York Subliners completely dominating as Paris’ SMG players suffered as Jimbo put up just 7 kills throughout all three rounds, and John managed just 12.

Seattle Surge 3-0 LA Thieves

Seattle Surge kicked off the series with a 250-205 Hardpoint win on Tuscan as they dominated the LA Thieves in the slaying. The majority of the kills came from Mack as he put up 31 kills with a 1.48 K/D. While the map came close at times, and the Thieves looked like they might run away with it, Seattle Surge stayed composed and closed out the map with ease.

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We moved on to Desert Siege for the Search and Destroy, and here it was Seattle Surge who extended their lead in the series to 2-0. Sib was unstoppable with his sniper in this map, putting up 11 kills alongside a 2.75 K/D as the Surge ran through LA Thieves in a 6-2 victory. Finally, the series was closed out with a 3-0 sweep in the Berlin Control to complement the 3-0 sweep in the series. The entire Seattle Surge roster performed brilliantly here, with Mack and Sib being the major players once again.

The duo of Mack and Sib finished this series with almost identical stat lines, both getting 59 kills overall, and Mack finishing with just one less death at 41. Seattle Surge outslayed the LA Thieves by 48 kills overall in the series, and they might just be returning to their form from the Kickoff Classic.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-1 Florida Mutineers

Minnesota ROKKR currently sit with a 3-0 record in the Major 3 qualifiers, however, the Florida Mutineers took the initial 1-0 lead in this series. It was absolute dominance from the Mutineers as they started the series with a 250-114 Hardpoint win on Gavutu. Skyz was taking down everything in his sight as he dropped 21 kills and finished the map with a 2.10 K/D, while Minnesota ROKKR’s SMG duo of Standy and Havok only managed 21 kills between them.

Map two however went back in favor of Minnesota ROKKR as they secured a 6-4 Search and Destroy victory on Tuscan. This was an incredibly rounded map from both teams, with six out of the eight players going completely even with the same number of kills as deaths. ROKKR tied the series and moved on to a Tuscan Control. Minnesota ROKKR then went on to take a 2-1 lead in the series through a 3-2 Tuscan Control win. Attach was the dominant force in this map, dropping 35 kills with a 1.52 K/D, however, the whole Minnesota ROKKR team all put up 30 kills or more.

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The series was closed out with a 250-201 Bocage Hardpoint that went in favor of the Minnesota ROKKR. The entire ROKKR lineup went positive on this map, while every member of the Mutineers finished negative except for Owakening who was 31/31. After some criticism online, Priestahh showed he belongs in this team in this series as he topped the leaderboard with 96 kills and a 1.22 K/D.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Boston Breach

Boston Breach went into this series with the hardest map one possible, a Bocage against Atlanta FaZe. This didn't go in favor of Boston Breach, as they suffered a 250-195 defeat, mainly down to Cellium’s 39 kills and 1.50 K/D. However, it wasn’t all bad for the Breach, as TJHaly put up the most kills in the entire lobby at 40.

Atlanta FaZe extended their lead to 2-0 with a 6-2 Search and Destroy win on Desert Siege. The whole Atlanta FaZe roster all went positive and outslayed Boston Breach by 11 kills on the map, as their defense was solid, and their attack was equally impressive. To close out the series, Atlanta FaZe defeated the Breach 3-2 on Berlin Control. While it was sloppy at times, as Boston could’ve taken the map, FaZe held strong and clutched up in round five to take the series.

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