CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 3 Recap

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CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 3 Recap

Here’s all the action from the final day of CDL Major 2 qualifiers.

Major 2 Qualifiers in the Call of Duty League concluded as we completed the final week before the LAN event in Boston. On the final day of qualifiers, we saw three more matches, with some interesting tiebreaker situations for seeding for the Major.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-1 Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge looked great yesterday against the New York Subliners, however, they were dominated in the first map of this series against the Minnesota ROKKR. A 250-121 Mercado Hardpoint saw Minnesota ROKKR outslay massively, with Mack having a rough time on Seattle Surge with just 7 kills in the entire map. However, on the side of Minnesota ROKKR Afro was dominant, putting up 24 kills to top the leaderboard as ROKKR took a 1-0 lead in the series.

Minnesota ROKKR took a 5-3 lead in this Search and Destroy on Embassy. However, Seattle Surge made a comeback to a 5-5 round 11, but as always, they could not clutch and now go to an 0-12 online Search and Destroy record. Afro was excellent again, putting up 14 kills and a 2.33 K.D, however, this was once again a display of Seattle’s poor Search and Destroy gameplans as they were ninja defused for the round 11 loss. Seattle Surge didn’t go out of this match easy, however, as they dominated in map three Hotel Control securing a 3-0 victory to extend this series. Pred was unbelievable, going 26/10 for a 2.60 K/D as Surge was well and truly back in this series.

The series was closed out in four through a 250-214 Hotel Hardpoint win for Minnesota ROKKR. Bance and Afro both ended the map 27/19 as a stellar SMG duo in this map and the series as a whole. Seattle Surge most definitely has some work to do ahead of the Major LAN event.

LA Thieves 3-2 Boston Breach

Boston Breach needed a 3-0 in this series to secure the #1 seed for their own Major event. They started this series hot, with a 250-145 Hydro Hardpoint, with Vivid dropping 34 kills and a 1.78 K/D as they dominated the map and looked set to possibly get that #1 seed that they’re looking for. This series continued to move fast as Boston Breach found themselves 2-0 up in the series with a 6-1 Hotel Search and Destroy victory. During Major 2 Qualifiers so far, LA Thieves are suffering, and could be out of this series in a quick 3-0.

The LA Thieves got back into this series with a 3-2 Fortress Control victory. Owakening started this map brilliantly, having 30 kills after the first three rounds, however back to back defensive wins from the Thieves saw Owakening end the map with 34 kills, while Envoy matched him with 34 on the side of the LA Thieves to joint top the leaderboard. The LA Thieves forced a game five in this series with a 250-220 Hotel Hardpoint victory. Methodz was incredible for Boston Breach and was the main slayer in the Boston comeback after being down 80 points early on. However, the LA Thieves were able to close out the map and send it the distance.

El Asilo was the location for the final map of this series, and it was a round 11 victory for LA Thieves that saw them take the series. Vivid executed a 1v3 clutch while down 5-3 to make a comeback, to a round 11, however, they just could not close out the map and therefore lost the series.

OpTic Texas 3-2 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe have been an up-and-down team so far in the Major 2 Qualifiers, losing some maps through some sloppy mistakes. However, this new look OpTic roster has performed well recently except for their 3-1 loss to Las Vegas Legion in yesterday's series. Map one Embassy Hardpoint went the way of Atlanta FaZe with a 250-189 victory. Cellium pulled out an SMG in this map and was dominant, going on a 9 streak that saw him end the map with a massive 31 kills, however, Dashy beat that by one on OpTic with 32, but it wasn't enough to take the map.

This series could be the quickest of the night, with Atlanta FaZe dominating the map two Embassy Search and Destroy with a 6-1 victory to continue their unbeaten streak to 5 maps in a row. Cellium continued to perform, going 9/1 in this map as FaZe put themselves 2-0 up in the series. OpTic Texas looked like they could’ve been out of this series, however, they clutched up in the map three Hotel Control with a 3-2 victory. Dashy was great once again in the respawn for OpTic as they pushed it to a map four and look for a reverse sweep.

Map four of this series was back to Hotel, and this was one of the best if not the best Hardpoint of the season so far. OpTic Texas forced a game five with a 250-248 victory, however, this was an extremely close map all the way through, and Dashy’s monstrous 41 kills saw him dominate the map and a big two-piece at the end sealed the deal for the game. The lead was changing hands throughout the map, but it was some crucial multi kills and rotations from every member on the OpTic team that saw them take the game.

OpTic Texas closed out the reverse sweep and the series with a 6-4 Fortress Search and Destroy. OpTic took a 4-0 lead in this series that was brought back to 4-4, but they remained composed and closed out the map due to some well-played routes by Shotzzy.

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