CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 2 Recap

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CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 2 Recap

Here’s all the action from the penultimate day of the CDL Major 2 qualifiers.

Major 2 Qualifiers in the Call of Duty League continue as we move on to the final week before the LAN event in Boston. On the penultimate day of qualifiers, we saw four more matches, with a matchup that has some beef to it in Toronto Ultra v Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

In the pre-season ahead of 2023, Scrappy voiced his confusion at JoeDeceives spot as a substitute on the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Scrappy wasn’t happy how JoeDeceives got a spot through “being good at Vanguard ranked” and had “never played challenges in his life”. Well, today, they matched up against each other, and it was JoeDeceives who took map one with a 250-219 Hotel Hardpoint victory. LAG took a large lead in this map, being almost 100 points ahead, however, Hotel is Toronto Ultra’s bread and butter and they came back to make this map extremely close. However, it was too little too late for Ultra as LAG closed out the map and took a 1-0 series lead.

Toronto Ultra leveled the series 1-1 with a 6-4 Mercado Search and Destroy. This map was closed out with back-to-back 4v2’s from Toronto Ultra that saw CleanX continue from his leaderboard topping map one performance, putting up 12 kills and a 1.71 K/D in this map two. Toronto Ultra took a 2-1 lead in this series through what might be the fastest Control map of the year at just 6 minutes. Toronto’s attacking rounds were exceptional as they capped the B point with ease, before moving on to the easier A point to finish the round. Two of these and a defensive win saw them take the map 3-0. 

LA Guerrillas have looked like one of the best teams in the game in Hardpoint, however, they were completely dominated in map four of this series as Toronto Ultra put them in the 100-point club. Standy was frying in this final map, putting up a 1.57 K/D as Toronto Ultra took the Hydro Hardpoint 250-88 and took the series 3-1.

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Las Vegas Legion 3-1 OpTic Texas

Las Vegas Legion have struggled to win series so far this year, however, they have looked great in individual maps at times. They took this map one Mercado Hardpoint 250-228 through consistently rotating first, but in the final two Hardpoints they executed breaks when needed to pick up their final point and take a 1-0 lead in this series. 

Vegas took a 3-1 lead in this second map of the series on Mercado Search and Destroy, and looked in a great position to close out the map. However, OpTic Texas came back with some strong rounds to regain control of the map, and eventually closed it out 6-4 with a great performance from Shotzzy, who was running through the Vegas squad. Las Vegas Legion won just their fourth Control of the season in this series with a 3-2 Hotel Control victory. This was a well-played map from Vegas as they worked together to take two offensive rounds with ease, coordinating their pushes to create overload situations and take a 2-1 lead in this series.

Las Vegas Legion closed out this series with a 3-1 victory yet again, taking every single rotation that they needed to in order to win the map. This 250-173 Hydro Hardpoint was exceptional from Vegas, and in surprising fashion, they took this series, winning every respawn, it could’ve been a 3-0 with a cleaner Search and Destroy.

Boston Breach 3-1 Florida Mutineers

The Florida Mutineers dominated this map one Hydro Hardpoint, perfecting almost every spawn flip and rotation they needed to win the map. However, Boston Breach somehow mounted a comeback mainly from a late streak by Vivid that saw him end the map with 32 kills. The Mutineers narrowly closed out the map 250-241, while outslaying by 14 kills, leaving this as a map that should have ended much earlier. 

Boston Breach leveled the series with a 6-2 Embassy Search and Destroy win in map two. Methodz bounced back from his poor performance in map one with 8 kills and a 2.00 K/D in this map two as Boston Breach tied the series heading into Control. Methodz struggled at the start of this map, being just 1/5 after the first round. However, he bounced back, ending the map 22/15 as Boston Breach won the El Asilo Control 3-1 and advanced to a 2-1 lead in this series.

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Boston Breach closed out the series 3-1 with a quick and easy map four Embassy Hardpoint victory. This 250-126 win was dominated by the SMGs of Boston Breach, seeing Nero and Vivid both put up 27 kills as they ran the map, rotating early but also breaking hills when needed to earn vital points and win the series.

Seattle Surge 3-1 New York Subliners

Seattle Surge has been struggling so far in the Major 2 Qualifiers, with three series losses in a row. However, they came out hot in this Hotel map one Hardpoint taking a 250-171 victory with the duo of Sib and Pred back to their best once again. However, with no online Search and Destroy wins so far this year for Seattle, this could be a perfect opportunity for New York to get back into this series.

The New York Subliners tied the series 1-1 with a 6-5 El Asilo Search and Destroy victory. This sees Seattle Surge go 0-11 in online Search and Destroy matches so far this year, an appalling record that has to change if Seattle Surge wants to start in the winners bracket for later Majors in the season. However, maybe Seattle Surge doesn't need to win Search and Destroy matches, as they quickly 3-1’d NYSL on Fortress Control, with Pred completely dominating with 36 kills and a 2.00 K/D.

Seattle Surge closed out the series with a surprising 3-1 with a 250-197 Fortress Hardpoint win that saw them execute a solid comeback from over 60 points down. Sib ended this map with 31 kills and a 1.72 K/D in an incredible performance from himself that saw him lead the Surge comeback, and get their first win of the Major 2 Qualifiers.

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