CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 1 Recap

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CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 3; Day 1 Recap

Here’s all the action from the final week of the CDL Major 2 Qualifiers.

Major 2 Qualifiers in the Call of Duty League continue as we move on to the final week before the LAN event in Boston. With a brand new Florida Mutineers kicking off the weekend, and some big rivalries, here’s all the action from day one of Major 2 Qualifiers week 3.

Florida Mutineers 3-2 London Royal Ravens

The Florida Mutineers come into this series off the back of a roster change, seeing Davpadie return to the roster and Brack being sent to the bench. This first Hydro Hardpoint was extremely close, with it coming down to the final seconds and an incredible comeback from the London Royal Ravens to take map one 250-248. Nastie was the only player who ended this map favorably for the Ravens, and was almost a miracle win for the squad.

However, the Florida Mutineers responded quickly on Fortress Search and Destroy for map two. Davpadie showed why he’d been brought back into the squad as he won two crucial rounds to bring the Mutineers up in this map, eventually seeing them close it out with a 6-4 victory. Map three was a Hotel Hardpoint, and this also went the way of the Florida Mutineers. After a strong early showing from the London Royal Ravens, they played at a much slower pace than needed in their attacking rounds, allowing the Mutineers back into the map and eventually into a victory.

The London Royal Ravens bounced back to force a map five in this series with a 250-170 Hotel Hardpoint victory. Nastie had another great Hardpoint map, as he did in the first map of this series, putting up a 1.64 K/D as London tied the series 2-2 and took us to a game five. The Florida Mutineers closed out the series with a 6-2 Embassy Search and Destroy map five. While Havok dominated, putting up 10 kills and a 5.00 K/D, this map caused some controversy with Florida reportedly using the stair glitch that was GA’d by the players three days ago.

New York Subliners 3-0 Las Vegas Legion

The New York Subliners have looked like the best team in the game since their Major 1 victory. Hydra continues to impress, and the New York Subliners are one of the favorites for Major 2. The first map in this series was a Hotel Hardpoint in which NYSL took a 250-226 to take a 1-0 lead in this series. This was a well-played map overall from the team, seeing Hydra top the kill tally as usual with 27.

Hydra continued his dominance into an El Asilo Search and Destroy for map two. He fried here, putting up a massive 11 kills and a 2.75 K/D as the New York Subliners closed out a dominant 6-2 Search and Destroy win in map two, taking a 2-0 lead in the series. The New York Subliners closed out the series with a quick 3-0 on Hotel Hardpoint. This quick and clean 3-0 sweep in the Control saw a 3-0 sweep in the series, too and may have cemented NYSL as favorites for Major 2.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have been a great Embassy Hardpoint team ever since their time as an academy roster. Surprisingly, Atlanta FaZe allowed that map into this series as map one, and LAG took full advantage. The Los Angeles Guerrillas took a close 250-233 victory. However, Assault was incredible, leading the way with 32 kills. On the side of Atlanta FaZe, Cellium put up 35 kills and a 1.52 K/D. However, this wasn't enough to bring a win to his team, as they started off this series down 0-1.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas continued to dominate as they went into the map two Hotel Search and Destroy, winning 6-2 to put themselves 2-0 up in this series. This was an extremely well-played and well-rounded map from the Guerrillas as we headed into the Control. The map three El Asilo Control saw Atlanta FaZe get back into the series with aBeZy absolutely dominating as he dropped 27 kills with an incredible 3.38 K/D in one of the best individual performances of the year as FaZe took a 3-0 sweep in the Control.

Atlanta FaZe took us to our second game five of the night as Cellium completely took over the map with 26 kills and a 2.60 K/D. Arcitys struggled on the side of the Los Angeles Guerrillas with just a 0.32 K/D as Atlanta FaZe forced a game five in this series. Atlanta FaZe closed out the series with a round 11 victory to win the final El Asilo Search and Destroy 6-5. This saw Atlanta FaZe reverse sweep the Los Angeles Guerrillas as Slasher topped the leaderboard with 11 kills in this final map.

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